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Feltin’Donks Wins togel hongkong 2010 WCOOP Event 50


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Very early this morning Event 50 of this year’s togel hongkong wrapped up, the No Limit Texas Hold’em $200+$15 Big Antes tournament. In a Big Antes tournament, antes appear at the start of the tournament and, at 20% of the big blind, are much larger than usual. Event 50 had a $600k guarantee, but the guarantee was missed by $13.4k as only 2,933 people participated. Players started with 5,000 chips and blind levels were 20 minutes. The best finish by a PokerStars Pro was Korea’s Tae Joon Noh. He placed 173rd for $630.
Let’s see how the stacks looked when the final table formed:
You can see that AAKKina was getting a bit short, but he wasn’t alone in this respect and he certainly wasn’t desperate. It is safe to say that he did not foresee himself busting the final table a mere three hands in, but he was destined to get unlucky. He made a good shove blind versus blind in the small blind with A9o, but he unfortunately ran into KK:
AAKKina received $5,100 for his 9th place efforts.
The second final table elimination came when the blinds were 17.5k/35k with a 7k ante. anisimov(ru) raised on the CO with AQo and called when chess87 shoved over from the BB. chess87 flipped over A9o and was unable to hit his 3-outer, so he busted in 8th place for $8,700.
The next to depart the final table was SUNDAYKING who, like AAKKina, pushed his remaining chips and ran into KK. SUNDAYKING’s QJs could not suck out and he received $14,000 for his 7th place bust.
The blinds would soon go up to 20k/40k with an 8k ante, and this brought the biggest pot of the final table so far. As with the previous elimination hands, all the money went in preflop. Radje raised, 40kw33 3-bet, FisFarfar cold 4-bet, and Radje pushed. 40kw33 got out of the way, and FisFarfar called, flipping over AKo. Radje showed QQ and the biggest flip of the night took place:
FisFarfar was at the wrong end of the flip this time around, and he busted in 6th place for $20,100.
Radje’s large stack surprisingly did not last much longer, however. Just a few hands later he got involved in what can only be described as a cooler. Once again, the money went in preflop. 40kw33 raised UTG, Radje 3-bet with JJ, and Feltin’Donks cold 4-bet with KK. It’s pretty difficult to lay down JJ 5-handed so Radje shoved, and he was unable to hit his 2-outer:
Radje was left with a pretty healthy stack despite this blow, but he did not linger much longer. Feltin’Donks took the rest of his chips after getting it in good with AQs versus Radje’s AJo, and Radje busted in 5thplace for $26,100.
Feltin’Donks’ luck continued at this final table. He got it in preflop with KTs versus 40kw33′s A6s, but he hit his hand and sent 40kw33 packing in 4th place for $35,094.
Now that the table was 3-handed, the remaining players decided to make a deal. Everyone locked up better than 3rd place and they left $12k to play for. When play resumed, the players traded chips for quite a while until yet another big preflop hand occurred. anisimov(ru) raised with 53s and must have felt that Feltin’Donks was 3-betting light, so he shoved. Feltin’Donks had the goods this time, however:
anisimov(ru) busted in 3rd place, but he received an impressive consolation prize of $60,496.24 due to the 3-handed deal.
Stacks were fairly even to start heads-up action:
Feltin’Donks was able to grind down jison300′s stack very quickly, however, and soon he had almost a 2 to 1 chip lead. As with every other elimination at this final table, the chips went in preflop for the last hand:
jison300 won $64,503.76 for his runner-up finish. Congratulations to Feltin’Donks for winning Event 50! He received $91,000 and a 2010 WCOOP bracelet. Please see below for an entire list of final table prizes. Be sure to come back to FTR this week as we wrap up our WCOOP coverage! If you are interested in participating in the final events of this year’s WCOOP, be sure to act quickly as the last events are this coming Sunday. Signing up with your own account is easy, and you will receive a 100% deposit bonus with a PokerStars bonus code. Good luck and see you at the tables!
1 – Feltin’Donks – $91,000
2 – jison300 – $64,503.76
3 – anisimov(ru) – $60,496.24
4 – 40kw33 – $35,094
5 – Radje – $26,100
6 – FisFarfar – $20,100
7 – SUNDAYKING – $14,100
8 – chess87 – $8,700
9 – AAKKina – $5,100

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