Feltin’Donks Wins togel hongkong 2010 WCOOP Event 50

Very early this morning Event 50 of this year’s togel hongkong wrapped up, the No Limit Texas Hold’em $200+$15 Big Antes tournament. In a Big Antes tournament, antes appear at the start of the tournament and, at 20% of the big blind, are much larger than usual. Event 50 had a $600k guarantee, but the guarantee was missed by $13.4k as only 2,933 people participated. Players started with 5,000 chips and blind levels were 20 minutes. The best finish by a PokerStars Pro was Korea’s Tae Joon Noh. He placed 173rd for $630.
Let’s see how the stacks looked when the final table formed:
You can see that AAKKina was getting a bit short, but he wasn’t alone in this respect and he certainly wasn’t desperate. It is safe to say that he did not foresee himself busting the final table a mere three hands in, but he was destined to get unlucky. He made a good shove blind versus blind in the small blind with A9o, but he unfortunately ran into KK:
AAKKina received $5,100 for his 9th place efforts.
The second final table elimination came when the blinds were 17.5k/35k with a 7k ante. anisimov(ru) raised on the CO with AQo and called when chess87 shoved over from the BB. chess87 flipped over A9o and was unable to hit his 3-outer, so he busted in 8th place for $8,700.
The next to depart the final table was SUNDAYKING who, like AAKKina, pushed his remaining chips and ran into KK. SUNDAYKING’s QJs could not suck out and he received $14,000 for his 7th place bust.
The blinds would soon go up to 20k/40k with an 8k ante, and this brought the biggest pot of the final table so far. As with the previous elimination hands, all the money went in preflop. Radje raised, 40kw33 3-bet, FisFarfar cold 4-bet, and Radje pushed. 40kw33 got out of the way, and FisFarfar called, flipping over AKo. Radje showed QQ and the biggest flip of the night took place:
FisFarfar was at the wrong end of the flip this time around, and he busted in 6th place for $20,100.
Radje’s large stack surprisingly did not last much longer, however. Just a few hands later he got involved in what can only be described as a cooler. Once again, the money went in preflop. 40kw33 raised UTG, Radje 3-bet with JJ, and Feltin’Donks cold 4-bet with KK. It’s pretty difficult to lay down JJ 5-handed so Radje shoved, and he was unable to hit his 2-outer:
Radje was left with a pretty healthy stack despite this blow, but he did not linger much longer. Feltin’Donks took the rest of his chips after getting it in good with AQs versus Radje’s AJo, and Radje busted in 5thplace for $26,100.
Feltin’Donks’ luck continued at this final table. He got it in preflop with KTs versus 40kw33′s A6s, but he hit his hand and sent 40kw33 packing in 4th place for $35,094.
Now that the table was 3-handed, the remaining players decided to make a deal. Everyone locked up better than 3rd place and they left $12k to play for. When play resumed, the players traded chips for quite a while until yet another big preflop hand occurred. anisimov(ru) raised with 53s and must have felt that Feltin’Donks was 3-betting light, so he shoved. Feltin’Donks had the goods this time, however:
anisimov(ru) busted in 3rd place, but he received an impressive consolation prize of $60,496.24 due to the 3-handed deal.
Stacks were fairly even to start heads-up action:
Feltin’Donks was able to grind down jison300′s stack very quickly, however, and soon he had almost a 2 to 1 chip lead. As with every other elimination at this final table, the chips went in preflop for the last hand:
jison300 won $64,503.76 for his runner-up finish. Congratulations to Feltin’Donks for winning Event 50! He received $91,000 and a 2010 WCOOP bracelet. Please see below for an entire list of final table prizes. Be sure to come back to FTR this week as we wrap up our WCOOP coverage! If you are interested in participating in the final events of this year’s WCOOP, be sure to act quickly as the last events are this coming Sunday. Signing up with your own account is easy, and you will receive a 100% deposit bonus with a PokerStars bonus code. Good luck and see you at the tables!
1 – Feltin’Donks – $91,000
2 – jison300 – $64,503.76
3 – anisimov(ru) – $60,496.24
4 – 40kw33 – $35,094
5 – Radje – $26,100
6 – FisFarfar – $20,100
7 – SUNDAYKING – $14,100
8 – chess87 – $8,700
9 – AAKKina – $5,100

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Go Bet Releases One on One Togel Hari Ini Casino

Go Bet International, an interactive, marketing, entertainment and consulting company, today announced the debut of One on One Casino (www.1on1casino.com). The site is licensed by the Free Trade Zone of Antigua, Barbuda and Dominica, and powered by CryptoLogic casino software.

One on One Casino offers casino games, a sportsbook, stock quotes and news.

“Players can experience a casino environment that is secure and user friendly,” said Anthony Sparango, Executive Director of Go Bet. “CryptoLogic has proven itself to be a leader in the industry with established licensees like William Hill Casino and Kiwi Casino and we are pleased to be working with them on this new venture.”

Like many CryptoLogic-powered casinos, One on One Casino offers a $25 monthly match bonus for new and returning players.

New Boss Media Casino Licensed in Canada

AceKingClub Casino, a new online casino powered by Boss Media, is now open for real-money play. AceKingClub is the first Boss Media casino licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Quebec, Canada.

Although AceKingClub bills itself “the most respected and professionally operated casino on the Internet” the site gives little information on the proprietors other than to say that the casino “is run by an English management team with nearly 50 years experience in operating casinos.”

Boss Media’s Casinowire news site reports that AceKingClub Casino is operated by Interworld Gaming Ltd. and the management team of John Dunkley and David Samson “have worked as gaming director and general manager of some of London’s top casinos.”

AceKingClub offers a $25 sign-up bonus with an initial deposit of $25 or more. The casino also promises “big loyalty bonuses” for regular players.

Speedy Loader Streamlines Casino Downloads

Intercontinental Casinos Ltd., operators of Togel Hari Ini Casino, New York Casino and Intercontinental Casino, today launched their new “Speedy Loader” download system at www.4greatcasinos.com. The Speedy Loader system expedites and simplifies the installation process for players by bypassing the need to wait for a “key code” to unlock the software. (A key code is required for all online casinos that use Boss Media software.)

At 4greatcasinos.com players can install a fast 300k “Speedy Loader” which allows them to choose between casinos in the InterContinental Casinos group. Once launched, the Speedy Loader allows the user to choose their preferred casino.

While the Speedy Loader completes the installation of the remaining files the player is introduced to InterContinental’s new “Friends” program where players can earn $15 for every friend that they invite to join them at the multi-player casinos. The player’s invited guests receive a Speedy Loader via email and can easily install the software and join their friend at the tables. If a player wishes to try one of the other InterContinental casinos, they simply launch the Speedy Loader icon again from their desktop and choose another casino to install.

Speedy Loader was designed by Green Room Media, a Vancouver company that specializes in marketing for the Internet gaming industry. Earlier this year Green Room launched the popular Gambling Tour system.


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The Cure for the Common Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

This year has seen a bumper crop of new computer virus outbreaks. I’ve received over 30 virus-infected e-mails in the last 14 days, and while I’ve managed to avoid any infections, this deluge has forced me to review and renew my emergency recovery plan(s). You might want to, too.

Let’s assume that a virus makes it onto your computer and you’ve inadvertently activated it. But what does activation mean, exactly?

Your garden-variety virus needs to be – for lack of a better term, ‘turned on’ – in order to do its business. That usually happens when you open an infected file or run an infected program, which then delivers the virus payload into your system. Whatever the activation method, the point is that you’ve got it and you need to get rid of it.

The first step is to identify the extent of the problem. Most anti-virus (AV) programs (such as the ones I mentioned in the last Tech article) ask you to create a set of “boot disks” when you install the program. They also prompt you to update the disks; we’ll further assume you have done that. Those boot disks will prove invaluable.

Insert the main Emergency (Boot) disk and reboot your machine. When it comes up, you’ll be running off a clean disk instead of your infected hard drive and the recovery process can begin.

To identify the extent of the problem, you should run a full system scan once you are running off a clean boot environment (your boot disks or a bootable CD). This is a critical, because if you’re simply running off an infected hard drive you’re wasting your time and are probably making things worse.

If you don’t have boot disks and can’t get any, your best bet is to turn your computer off, leave it off, and call a Togel Hongkong computer-smart buddy or as a last resort, your local computer shop.

Let’s assume you’ve done your scan and it tells you that you’ve got ‘[email protected],’ for instance. Now what? Again, the AV software people are your best bet. Get on an uninfected computer that has web access and go to Symantec’s Security Response web page.

You’ll find an encyclopedia of known viruses at the Security Response site and by searching for your virus by name, [email protected] in our example, you’ll find a Recovery Procedure and possibly free tools for removing the virus. If you’re an experienced computer user, you probably won’t need the free tools as the recovery procedure text will be both informative and sufficient for cleaning the infected computer.

Once you’ve performed the removal, reboot from your emergency disks and rescan your computer to make sure the virus gone. If you find other infections or infected files clean them out, too.

Repeat the virus scans until the machine finally comes up clean, always booting from the emergency disks if possible. Immediately update your virus definitions, refresh your boot disks, reboot, and rescan again. If you’re clean, congratulations! If not, repeat the procedure until you are.

By now, you can be pretty certain that you’ve (a) recovered from the virus infection and (b) repaired or removed any files that could reinfect your system. Remove the boot disk and reboot your computer normally. You’ll soon see if your machine still has a heartbeat. Hopefully it does and you’re ready to get on with your life.

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Is it possible to win Togel Hongkong at Slots?



It’s usually confusing to make a decision upon what slot machine to play at. If you have a look around a casino you will see scores of various gambling machines. Those bright colors and jackpot advertisements make a player hesitate.


One of the most frequently asked questions is if it’s possible to beat slot machines or not. After reading the answer below you’ll have a clear image of how to get more chances to win.


So, is it possible to win at Slot machines?


Of course it is. Don’t think of winning at slots as of something improbable. People do win and some of them win a lot. The only thing you need to know control the gaming process. Basically slot machines always pay back. However a percentage of the payout varies according to different casinos’ terms. At some casinos the percentage is 75, at others 83. Even a 75 percentage is favorable for a player. He can easily hit a round sum and quit a casino a winner. And yes, as for the quit. One of the basic Togel Hongkong strategies of Slots is to leave a casino when you get the upper hand. If all the money you have is $100 don’t try to double this amount and leave the game winning $25. It’s not bags of money, but still, you can just enjoy the atmosphere, watch other players and memorize the machines that pay out more than others.


How to play Slots


The history of Slot machines goes back to San Francisco 1887. The founder of the first slot machine “ “Liberty Bell” was Charles Fay.


The process of the game.


First of all a player needs some coins to be inserted into a slot machine. There’s a handle on the right side a slot machine to that a player must pull to activate it. A player keeps an eye on the screen and after the machine stops he compares the combination on the screen with the schedule of winning combinations.


A button instead of a handle can be found on some machines. The button is named as “spin”. A player pushes in to make the reels turn. When the player hits some winning combination, coins are paid off. There is a chance to push the button called “credit” that is on some modern machines. That means that instead of paying off coins a slot machine will credit winnings to a special credit meter. Thus the player can go spinning the reels unless he wants to leave the game. Each time the player spins the reel the amount of coins on the credit meter reduces. After pressing the button “play one coin” the machine will let you know your “coin is accepted” on the screen.


There is always a limited number of coins the machine accepts. If the number is 5, then you can press the button “play five coins”, if it’s 4, there is the button “play four coins”.


The rules of Slots are based on the reels spinning and stopping at a certain combination.


Online slot machines, slot machines tips, slots.



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US Congressman Wants Anti-Gambling Ban Revoked



US Democrat Barney Frank is considering a bill to repeal last year’s anti-gambling legislation according to a spokesperson for the congressman, who chairs the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.


Frank’s office confirmed that he was considering legislation, but added he had not drafted thebill and had no timetable for legislation.


According to the UK’s Financial Times newspaper, Frank called the law the ’stupidest ever passed’ and wrote on his website: “I am working on legislation to cut back on this Internet gambling thing.


“I think it’s preposterous… maybe we can make some money off it,’ he added.


CryptoLogic Temporarily De-Lists Stock Shares


CryptoLogic, a leading e-gaming software developer and supplier catering to the online casino, poker and bingo market, has applied to de-list its shares from the Toronto Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, and the


Official List of the UK Listing Authority. It will also cancel trading in its shares on the London Stock Exchange’s EEA Regulated Market.


The move follows the company’s decision to relocate its headquarters from Canada to Dublin, Ireland to be nearer to its large European customer base.


A new parent company, CryptoLogic Ltd, is expected to be listed on the TSX, NASDAQ, and UK Official List in June, according to a company release on Hemscott.com.


Democrat Barney Frank Files Bill to Repeal UIGEA


Finally, someone from the Congress steps up to the plate and files a bill to repudiate Bush and the Republicans’ stupid law – the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).


Just six months after President Bush signed a law outlawing online gambling, a key Democratic politician has proposed lifting the ban.


Rep. Barney Frank, a Democrat from Massachusetts and chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, on Thursday introduced a bill that would replace the current broad prohibition with strict regulations, including criminal background checks and financial disclosure, imposed on companies that seek to offer legal Internet gambling.


“The existing legislation is an inappropriate interference on the personal freedom of Americans and this interference should be undone,” Frank said. His bill is called the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (PDF).


Last year’s legislation tried to eliminate many forms of online gambling by targeting Internet service providers and financial intermediaries, namely banks and credit card companies that process payments to offshore Web sites.


Those sites included ones like Bodog Sportsbook, Casino and Poker of Costa Rica. Estimates typically put Internet gambling revenue at more than $12 billion a year.


The bill never received a formal up-or-down vote in the entire Congress. Instead, Republican congressional leaders have been criticized for gluing it onto an unrelated port security bill. The Senate unanimously approved the port security measure and it cleared the House of Representatives with only two dissenting votes.


Frank argues that because nearly all states already permit some form of traditional gambling–including lotteries, betting on horse and greyhound racing, and sports wagering–the federal government should legalize and regulate the online  togel hongkong equivalents. Instead of a blanket legalization, his legislation would require the Treasury Department to police the industry and ensure that it takes adequate steps to identify minors and compulsive gamblers.




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Togel hongkong Poker Functions Exclusively Underneath These Scenarios


There is an excellent array of togel poker video games and self-controls to select from. In contrast, numerous togel poker websites use competition play along with rest n go video games. As they have a whole week to air an isolated event, there is marginal editing and enhancement for a time compared to a similarly-formatted program like Togel poker Superstars. Although it might seem like you’re vulnerable to quit gambling, there are a lot of points you can do to get over the trouble, fix your financial resources and connections, and lastly, restore control of your life. Presently, we’re functioning on making certain every one of our web content is like it can be and establishing brand-new devices to make life much easier for our individuals. Some legislation makes it unlawful for youngsters to take component in many gambling tasks, yet there are other kinds of gambling that everyone is permitted to do. Perhaps you have participated in a drawing or tombola or perhaps used a slot machine in a gallery when you have been out with your close friends or family members.

Have you ever before placed some cash in a gallery video game in the hope of winning something? We assess on the internet wagering websites to ensure that wagerers can concentrate on positioning wagers and winning cash rather togel hongkong than stressing over the safety and security and safety of on the internet sportsbooks. Why Do You Evaluation Online Sportsbooks? Why Depend on The SportsGeek for Your Sports Betting Requirements? As long as there are wagerers with inquiries or customers looking for sporting activities wagering suggestions, TheSportsGeek personnel will be below to aid! While making cash banking on sporting activities might be simply a pastime for numerous, it’s exactly how our team makes their livings. Gambling disappears or much less of a waste of cash than seeing a flick (in many cases), consuming a needlessly costly dish, or acquiring a pointless thing. You might have seen adverts for banking on tv, specifically throughout football or various other sporting activities, and the research study reveals that two-thirds of kids see great deals of gambling advertisements on TELEVISION.

Youngsters as young as 11 have trouble gambling, while virtually half a million children who have confessed to wagering routinely state the Gambling Compensation. We understand that many of you enjoy video gaming – However, the Gambling Payment claim that pc gaming can be a path right into wagering, with near a million young individuals subjected to gambling with “loot boxes” in a computer game or on smart device applications. The project, which is greatly taking location with supply trading applications like Robinhood, has functioned, until now, whenever there’s worth! , if there are sporting activities to wager on and one of our writers sees a bet worth taking, you can guarantee that we’ll be obtaining that details out there. They likewise exposed even more kids had put a wager than had been entailed in various other tasks that are unlawful for youngsters, such as alcohol consumption. Lots of issue togel players report that either one or both moms and dads had an alcohol consumption and also or gambling trouble.




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Online Betting rapid Sign Up With This Most Effective Bets Sites togel hongkong


Between one particular of the most depended on titles in on the web video gaming, often the Electronic Casino Tropez brand-new type is shown in the this internet site and this free of cost gambling establishment software use, with a face-lift & feeling together with raised usefulness and cost-free casino money. Among just about the most popular on the web casinos, Casino Tropez possesses undertaken a total redesign along with a face-lift and feeling and even more casino qualities for enhanced apply. A range of people that experienced gotten about your guard worrying on the web casinos right currently can claim which this is usually a a great deal more successful video clip games choice when comparing preparing to a residential or commercial property based casino. Devoted to supplying players with an enjoyable online online video gaming experience that is definitely risk-free and protected, gamers can certainly download and install the particular ensured virus-free program method completely free, have fun with Flash video games straight in the internet from the particular On line casino Tropez web web-site, or gain access to Internet casino Tropez Mobile using their cellphones.

Having an exceptional online url, you can begin participating in typically the internet port via the residence’s convenience. Around enhancement, buy-ins to often the Titan Pokers’ widely popular Sunday evening one-hundred dollar, 1000 Ensured freezeout opposition possess been drastically minimized on a togel hongkong variety connected with beginning days. Nevertheless, almost all deals by these casinos do not have a limitless lifestyle time, so the players need to not necessarily delay also long even though typically the complimentary 10 pounds. Titan Casino Poker Deals Articles to Its Popular online casino poker online video online games events Reduced price buy-ins are offered to Very Sale competitions with the start of 04. Also, buy-ins for the regular $200, 000 Ascertained have been lowered. Presently there are also times getting captured may be beneficial. Mainly because of the maximizing casino need, on-line betting web sites are made for the smart device.

A new distinguished market innovator specifically publicized by EuroPartners, Internet casino Tropez, supplies the greatest in digital casino movie video games, casino cash advertisements, and even casino occasions. Thus, the most effective approach in order to deal with the changeability is to wager only when the worth obtains on your side. A parlay is usually some sort of wager that can be dependent for the mixed benefits of 2 or higher wagers. It is no extended an important that in online casino movie gaming, the better your bet is, often the better may be the incentive that will you obtain. Yet another aspect why you must receive to the track very early on is because getting there quite early can make sure that you may acquire a comfortable seat that will enables you to see typically the auto racing screen. In addition to that, online game enthusiasts are able to assume proceeding experiencing the particular same advantages of sinking in among one associated with the most well-established casinos online consisting of more than three hundred and fifty free gambling establishment online video games, quite simple down repayments and withdrawals, a gratifying VIP program and even excellent client option in 18 languages.