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Go Bet Releases One on One Togel Hari Ini Casino


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Go Bet International, an interactive, marketing, entertainment and consulting company, today announced the debut of One on One Casino ( The site is licensed by the Free Trade Zone of Antigua, Barbuda and Dominica, and powered by CryptoLogic casino software.

One on One Casino offers casino games, a sportsbook, stock quotes and news.

“Players can experience a casino environment that is secure and user friendly,” said Anthony Sparango, Executive Director of Go Bet. “CryptoLogic has proven itself to be a leader in the industry with established licensees like William Hill Casino and Kiwi Casino and we are pleased to be working with them on this new venture.”

Like many CryptoLogic-powered casinos, One on One Casino offers a $25 monthly match bonus for new and returning players.

New Boss Media Casino Licensed in Canada

AceKingClub Casino, a new online casino powered by Boss Media, is now open for real-money play. AceKingClub is the first Boss Media casino licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Quebec, Canada.

Although AceKingClub bills itself “the most respected and professionally operated casino on the Internet” the site gives little information on the proprietors other than to say that the casino “is run by an English management team with nearly 50 years experience in operating casinos.”

Boss Media’s Casinowire news site reports that AceKingClub Casino is operated by Interworld Gaming Ltd. and the management team of John Dunkley and David Samson “have worked as gaming director and general manager of some of London’s top casinos.”

AceKingClub offers a $25 sign-up bonus with an initial deposit of $25 or more. The casino also promises “big loyalty bonuses” for regular players.

Speedy Loader Streamlines Casino Downloads

Intercontinental Casinos Ltd., operators of Togel Hari Ini Casino, New York Casino and Intercontinental Casino, today launched their new “Speedy Loader” download system at The Speedy Loader system expedites and simplifies the installation process for players by bypassing the need to wait for a “key code” to unlock the software. (A key code is required for all online casinos that use Boss Media software.)

At players can install a fast 300k “Speedy Loader” which allows them to choose between casinos in the InterContinental Casinos group. Once launched, the Speedy Loader allows the user to choose their preferred casino.

While the Speedy Loader completes the installation of the remaining files the player is introduced to InterContinental’s new “Friends” program where players can earn $15 for every friend that they invite to join them at the multi-player casinos. The player’s invited guests receive a Speedy Loader via email and can easily install the software and join their friend at the tables. If a player wishes to try one of the other InterContinental casinos, they simply launch the Speedy Loader icon again from their desktop and choose another casino to install.

Speedy Loader was designed by Green Room Media, a Vancouver company that specializes in marketing for the Internet gaming industry. Earlier this year Green Room launched the popular Gambling Tour system.


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