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The High Stakes Rail – 12/20/09-12/26/09


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This year is winding down but the high stakes action just keeps going. This week, a huge session between Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius resulted in the largest pots of the week. All hands were played at Full Tilt crypto gambling $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha tables.

This week’s biggest pot started when Antonius raised to $1,200 from the button. Dwan three-bet his JdTh5d4h to $3,600 and Antonius called. Dwan checked the Jh6d8s flop, Antonius bet $6,000, and durrrr made the call. A 3c fell on the turn and durrrr checked his open-ended straight. Antonius bet $17,200 and durrrr called. A 2s on the river completed durrr’s draw. Here, durrrr chose to play it risky and checked to try and win Antonius’ stack with a check-raise. It paid off as Antonius bet $47,200 and was check-raised all-in. Antonius made the call and put his entire stack on the line. Antonius saw the bad news, mucked his hand, and durrrr took the $259,577 pot.

In this week’s second mammoth pot, Dwan started on the button by raising to $1,200 with his JdTs9h8s. Antonius three-bet to $3,600 with his KdQcJs9s, Dwan four-bet to $10,800, Antonius reraised to $32,400, and durrrr made the call. The flop hit both players. It gave Antonius top two-pair and Dwan a wrap. Antonius bet the pot, durrrr put the rest of Antonius’ $22,137.50 at risk, and Antonius called. The 7c missed Dwan but the 9c completed his straight draw and another big pot went Tom’s way; this time worth $238,675.

With AsAdJh5c, Antonus raised the next hand to $1,200 and durrr raised to $3,600 with Ts9s8c6d. Antonius reraised to $10,800, and Dwan called. The 3cTc9d gave durrrr two-pair and left Antonius with an overpair. Dwan donked a $16,400 bet Antonius’ way and Antonius called. The 3h turn paired the board and gave Antonius the bigger two-pair. Dwan, not suspecting the turn to have changed much, chose to check-raise all-in. $86,784.50 went into the pot from both players and created a final pot of $227,969. The Ac river added insult to injury for Dwan, giving Antonius aces over threes and the pot.

The money was destined to go all-in early with this next hand. Dwan started the action off by raising to $1,200 with QdQh8h7d. The usual raises and reraises ended with durrrr calling Antonius’ AdAcJs5c and $32,400 raise. The pot on the flop started at $64,800 and there was only $81,399 left in Antonius’ stack. The 5s9c2d board gave both players an overpair and Dwan a gutshot. The rest of the money went all-in on the flop and the pot became $227,595. The As turn left Dwan drawing thin. Again, the Qc river added insult to injury, also giving Dwan a set. However, his set could not beat Antonius’ set of aces and the pot was awarded to Antonius.

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