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Costa Rica Steps Up QQWIN99 Challenge


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Costa Rica has become the most recent nation to step up its demands that the United States honor its obligations under the treaties of the World Trade Organization. Until now, Costa Rica has let Antigua and the European Union push the U.S. for WTO trade compensation but now Costa Rica has decided to assert its claims. So the continuing international Internet gambling dispute, potentially valued in the billions of dollars, adds another player. Costa Rica and Antigua separately filed for World Trade Organization arbitration on January 28th, seeking compensation from the United States as a result of the U.S. withdrawal of its commitment on cross-border gambling services.
With each new dispute and filing, the potential that previously “completed” negotiations with the nations of the European Union and others become more likely to fall apart. Why would the E.U. take less than Costa Rica or Antigua over the same trade violations? The Costa Rican arbitration filing makes it possible for the E.U. to reconsider its settlement with the U.S. and (re)join the arbitration proceeding, opening up a new phase in the Internet gambling trade dispute.
“The decision by Antigua and Costa Rica to take the United States to arbitration will test the limits of the WTO process and squarely challenge the U.S. resolve to withdraw its GATS commitments; if the U.S. finds the decision of the WTO arbitrator unacceptable, under procedures outlined in the GATS, it could unilaterally withdraw, creating an unprecedented crisis of confidence in the global trading system. The best solution remains for Congress to pass legislation that would create a legal and regulated framework for online gaming in the United States and for the United States to remain in the GATs schedule to provide all providers legal protection under the WTO.”
“If the U.S. withdraws following another adverse arbitral decision, the country would face potential retaliation from all WTO Members affected by the arbitration, a pool of countries including the EU, Canada, and Japan; inviting sanctions at a time when both the U.S. Administration and Congress are both striving to stimulate an economy on the edge of recession seems foolhardy at best, especially when draft domestic legislation already exists that would create a renewed flow of both business and tax revenues throughout the nation’s gaming sectors.”
Absolutely Perfect Commentary
Regular readers of QQWIN99 know that if you are looking for the smart, intelligent analysis then you should be reading what the Poker Shrink writes here. On the other hand, if you want to read some real over-the-top ranting about anything and everything poker, well then you should be waiting for the Cranky Olde Coot to post. Details and facts are the highlights of most posts by Lindy and that leaves me with the half-naked ladies of poker and assorted crazy stuff. So you can imagine how happy I was to run across this great picture the other day.
absolutebullshitIf you want the details of the Absolute Poker Scandal, click on this link or this link, you understand there has been some big time coverage of the entire story. If you want to know about the results of the investigation go here. If you actually would like to read the official report here it is. Wanna talk with other poker players about all of it, here is the place. Want the whole blow-by-blow-by-blow in intricate detail, be my guest. As for me, well I just wanted to post that great picture. Oh and I did close my Absolute Poker account and my Ultimate Bet too, but that is another story and another picture.

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