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Full-blown Bid battle Predicted Between เเทงหวยออนไลน์ and PartyGaming, for Empire Online


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The Internet betting group เเทงหวยออนไลน์ expanded its operations last year with the purchase of Paradise Poker website. According to reports, it is a potential bidder for yet another poker site, Empire online. Forecasters predict an out and out battle in this bid for the site, with ParyGaming, owner of Party Poker sure to make a counterbid. In the midst of all this bidding, Empire’s shares have shot up by 7 percent to 283p. It has reached way above the 270p-a-share level, the point at which Sportingbet was to pitch its offer. The net worth of Empire is over 800m pounds and it has a 9 percent of the internet poker market. Empire has been following a strategy of ‘piggybacking’ to grow. It signs up new gamblers and then directs them to sites like Party Poker and It acts as a mediating agent and collects commissions from the game operators. reports:
The strategy has been so successful that Empire is now providing Party Poker with about a third of its new players, according to analysts at investment bank Morgan Stanley. The bank thinks there is a “strong likelihood” of counter-bid from PartyGaming, which will be reluctant to see a major, long-standing partner fall into the hands of a direct rival.
New Television Program on Poker Strategy by FullTiltPoker and Fox Sports
Online Poker site FullTiltPoker.Net teams up with Fox Sports, to telecast a new poker television program. The airing of the new program will begin from September 27th and will be titled – “FullTiltPoker.Net presents: Learn from the Pros”. The program will feature the site’s pool of resident poker pros. Howard Lederer, will be the show host, along with Chris Rose of FSN. The participants on the show will share tips and strategies with regard to the game. A total of 26 half hour episodes will be televised. Though the program will premier on a Tuesday, new episodes will get aired on Sundays at 4.30 p.m that will be repeated on Tuesdays at 8.30 p.m. Chris “Jesus” Feguson, Eric Seidel, Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman and Clonie Gowen will be some of the pros who will be on the show. reports:
“There is such a thirst out there for all things poker. We want to help players of all abilities take their game to the nest level,” commented Executive Producer Mark Mayer.
ACT Opposition Urges State Government to Reconsider Poker Machine Tax on Local Clubs
The ACT Opposition requests the State Government to cut down poker machine tax on local clubs. Bill Stefaniak, shadow gaming spokesman said that this increased tax will come into force from July 2007. This will hold back clubs from giving funds to sporting and charity organizations, which they normally give out. This increased tax may put some clubs out of business. According to Mr. Stefaniak, it would be in the best interest of the community, to remove this tax. This Government move, will be in favor of the clubs as also in the interest of society at large. Casinos and clubs give out decent amounts to sporting and charitable organizations. There seems to be an extremely logical and valid point that is being used by Mr. Stefaniak to lobby for the removal of the tax. reports:
“The Government can simply get out of this situation by actually not proceeding with this tax,” he said. “That would be a very very big step, which would greatly assist clubs.”

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