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Which UFA software should I play on?


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As most of you are aware, we are currently running 2 different poker software on PokerPages. This has been somewhat confusing to some of you, so I thought that I would explain what’s what on PokerPages and now PokerSchool Online, and share what’s coming soon.

Old Software for ‘Fun-Play’

This is the older software (World Series Warm up and TOC Warm Up) that we have licensed for some time now and is still currently available on for anyone to use. This is the software that PokerPages now uses for our PokerDollars program. Sometime near the end of November, we are going to stop using this software and substitute our new poker software (described below).

Poker Dollars: Until that time, you can play on this old software for Poker Dollars as follows:

If you place in the top 5 in a round one event, then you are qualified to take part in a round 2 event on a Saturday and or Sunday.

If you place in the top 3 you will win a Poker Dollars voucher.

1st = $25.00

2nd = $15.00

3rd = $10.00.

Poker Dollars vouchers can be redeemed at a casino of your choice anywhere in the world where they play poker tournaments. The voucher can only be used towards a buy-in for a poker tournament.

Other Games: On this old software you can play the following side action UFA games: Limit Hold ’em, Limit Omaha 8 (Hi-Lo), Limit Stud, Limit Stud Hi-Lo; there is also heads up where you can play one-on-one against someone.

The multi table tournament games available are: Limit Hold ’em, No Limit Hold ’em, and Limit Omaha 8 (Hi-Lo).

You can download the old software here.

*Please remember that the old software goes away around the end of November. So if you wish to continue to play for fun (whether you’re a PokerSchool Online member or not), then you must download the New Software (see instructions below).

Our New Software

PokerPages has developed it’s own software to use inside PokerSchool Online, and on PokerPages for ‘Fun-Play’. After listening to many of the players’ requests, we feel that we have produced a superior poker experience for all of our customers. It’s likely you’ve seen this software referred to as ‘Beta Test software’ or ‘PokerPages software’.

Beta testing has been an ongoing experience for all of us. Now, the No Limit Hold ’em Tournaments in beta testing are coming to an end and we will begin introducing all the other games and limits, along with side action and single table satellites, which will all go through the Beta test phase before we introduce them into the school tournament syllabus.

The beta testing will be available to both fun play customers and school members, as we do appreciate your help and feedback. Soon we will begin running our PokerDollars program on the ‘Fun-Play’ Software. The tested, more-stable versions of the new software will be moved into PokerSchool Online as they become available on an ongoing basis.

The system requirements for this new software is:

A minimum processor speed of 200 MHz

64 Megs of RAM

Download the new software by clicking here. You can also download the new software from either PokerPages and PokerSchoolOnline.

Promotions using the New Software:

Thru Nov 30th in the ‘Fun-Play’ (Beta test) area. We now have a unique ranking system that puts players in a league table and tracks performances. On October 22nd, the ranking table was placed at zero. On Nov 30th, the top 5 ranked players in the league will share in a $400 Poker Dollars prize pool. All players may participate in this promotion whether you are a school member or not. Just download the new software.

Beta Testers for ‘the Big One’- We’ve qualified some beta testers into ‘The Big One’.

Click here to see a list of people who’ve qualified for ‘the Big One’ so far.

What is “The Big One”?

The “Big One” is a free-roll tournament within PokerSchool that we will be holding in March of 2002. We are offering up to $100,000 worth of sponsorships to the 2002 WSOP in ‘the Big One’. The maximum number of players that will qualify is 650 for “The Big One”.

Click here for further details on how to qualify. – New Software

Be one of the first 500 by October 31st to sign up for an annual membership to PokerSchool Online, and you will qualify to play in a free-roll on November 16th. The top 5 players will win their annual membership for free!

Sign up for an annual membership to PokerSchool Online by October 31st, and you’ll get 2 extra months of membership for free-your membership will run through December 31st 2002.

School members for ‘the Big One’- Beginning November 1st, PokerSchool Online tournaments will begin. They will use our logarithm-ranking table to calculate rankings.

Incentives for school members to qualify for “The Big One” will begin November 1st based on school members’ new weekly and monthly rankings.

Click here if you’d like to learn how to join PokerSchool Online so you can vie for 2002 WSOP sponsorships.

Bankroll tournaments structure

When we decided to launch PokerSchool Online we wanted it to re-create the real world of tournament poker as closely as possible. Therefore, when you become a member of Pokerschool you will be given a starter $200 bank roll. When we start the school tournament schedule you will be able to buy-in to $20.00 tournaments, and the prize pool will be a calculated percentage by the amount of entrants.

You will also be able to buy-in to 24/7 single table satellites for $5.00. The top 2 places of the single table satellites will win the “money”. The idea is for you to build up your bank roll and achieve a high position on the ranking tables. This way we are sure that you will improve your poker playing and we will generate champions of the future.

What happens if you lose your bankroll? We will calculate your ranking position and according to that position will award you a starting bank roll again.

You really have to play poker to achieve a higher bankroll to play in the more advanced tournaments. Our goal is to host a real online World Championship poker tournament where the players have built up $10,000 bankroll which will enable them to enter, whereas some of the other members may not have enough bank roll to participate and have this as a goal to reach.

Poker Dollars for everyone…

‘Fun-Play’ will continue to be offered with our new software. The schedules of these tournaments will be listed (along with the school tournaments) closer to November 1st

We will continue to run the Poker Dollars program for anyone to use (whether you’re a school member or not). But the poker dollars will only be redeemable towards membership in the school from the time it runs off the new software..


To re-cap, Up until the end of November, you can play on both software programs.

After the end of November, you’ll only be able to play on our own new poker software. It’ll be used for Poker Dollars/Fun Play for those who are not in PokerSchool and it will be used for tournaments for school members only. School members will be learning and trying to qualify (using the new ranking system) for their place in ‘the Big One’ for up to $100,000 worth of sponsorships for the 2002 WSOP.



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