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The Development of Free Online Bingo on casino en ligne


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Since the launch of Cheeky Bingo in February 2009, the direction of the online bingo industry has changed dramatically. The free online bingo phenomenon was so influential that Cheeky Bingo even swooped the grand prize for Best Innovation at the Bullet Business 2nd Annual Online Bingo Industry Awards.


Suddenly everyone started to google ‘free online bingo’ and Cheeky Bingo was the top destination for it. However, not long after, other online bingo operators decided to dip their fingers into the free bingo market which resulted in many online bingo rooms (including Costa Bingo) offer players the chance to play bingo for free. Within only a short time of its existence, free online bingo changed the direction and overall concept of playing bingo on the web.


The internet can earn you free cash


People are used to the fact that the internet provides access to information and services at little or no cost. You do not have to pay for getting the latest news on your computer, although your daily newspaper has its price. It’s the same with internet betting and gambling. You would not expect receive £10 free when making a bet at a horse race just to make another one, but this is the case with online betting. It has become the norm to receive free cash at the online gaming and gambling sites. This includes poker, casinos, bingo and various other activities which provide paid services along with the chance of increasing the player’s bankroll.


However, when we talk about free bingo something a little bit different comes to mind. Free bingo in most cases refers to the concept of bingo play that requires no investments from the player whatsoever, but includes a cash prize. To most online bingo fans this sounds like an amazing opportunity to receive money for playing their favorite game with no risk of losing any of their own. So what’s the catch? Although free online bingo rooms mostly advertise themselves as being totally free of charge bingo operators, they also offer paid bingo games. And that is not necessarily a disadvantage. Free bingo usually includes significantly low jackpots and a considerably high number of players, whereas the paid tickets give the opportunity to win bigger prizes with much less competition.


Free bingo is a very nice option when no personal funds are available on casino en ligne and, of course, when in need of some online gaming thrill. Although the chances of getting free cash in these games are not very high, the entertainment is definite: having fun whilst playing bingo and interacting with the other players in the chat room. Basically these are the two major reasons why people enjoy playing bingo online and free bingo play is able to provide it. Plus, while the players are into the bingo action they can also enjoy a variety of instant games including slots, video poker, casino and table games – available at all online bingo rooms.


Free bingo vs. deposit bonuses


So why not just play online bingo for free and forget deposits? That’s a good question. First of all, as with any other gambling activity, bingo also has a monetary factor to consider. It’s very simple: the more you invest, the more you can win. A zero deposit will not bring you a fortune, whereas £10 just might. The free bingo games do not reach sky high jackpots when the rooms with paid cards offer up to tens of thousands up for grabs. The competition is also very important. A free bingo room usually contains thousands of players at a time which leaves you with very little hope of winning that £5.


It is very important to note that it is not only at the free bingo rooms that free cash can be won. Claiming a deposit bonus is a more simple and even a more beneficial way. Instead of spending hours waiting to win those few pounds, a quick deposit is there to bring you 200% of its value for free. Transferring £10 into your online bingo account will instantly provide you with an additional £20. And this is just a market average. Some of the rooms offer as much as 400% on your first deposit + impressive permanent reload bonuses that reach up to 300%!


PartyGaming brings you $25 free


BingoNews.info in cooperation with the largest online poker resource in the world, PokerNews.com is more than happy to introduce to you the popular PartyGaming Free $50 promotion. Although the bonus is generally meant for new PartyPoker players, bingo fans are also eligible. As PartyGaming issue their players with one account per all the online games, the funds can be used for any gaming option at Party including online bingo, poker, casino, betting and backgammon. So there you go – $25 cash for free transferred into your Party account for your online bingo fun. Why not $50? Well, in order to receive the additional $25 to the instant $25 bonus, you will need to collect Party Points which are only available at the poker tables. A good reason to try out poker for a change, don’t you think?


In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that regardless of whether you play free or paid online bingo, the only important thing is to have fun, because that’s the ultimate reason for playing bingo in the first place. Entertain yourself at the bingo tables, chat with the other players, play chat games, try out slots and instant games and if you win money while doing that, well that’s just one of the benefits that online bingo is determined to provide you with.




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