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Sunnyslot Lets You Play Your Faves on Your Mobile Phone



If you think online gambling is convenient, wait until you try mobile gambling togel hk . True, your PC is accessible (certainly a lot easier to reach than the land-based casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City) but nothing is as handy as your mobile phone, which goes with you everywhere (and I mean everywhere).


Just about everyone has a cell phone (and many people have more than one), which makes gambling on your mobile as easy as walking, talking and breathing.


All this mobile phone usage means that after gambling made the move to the Internet, the industry realized that the next logical step was the move to the cell phone. Soon, the biggest names in the online gambling business were adding mobile casinos to their resumes and so Sunnyslot mobile casino came into existence. Sunnyslot is a member of the Sunny Group, one of the leading veteran online gaming groups.


Now the Sunny Group introduces the Sunnyslot mobile casino, where you can play your favorite games right on your mobile phone. You don’t have to be in front of your computer any more to enjoy great slots and blackjack; all you need to be entertained by Sunnyslot’s superb graphics and sounds is a cell phone and a credit card (and who doesn’t have those). In minutes, you can be playing the terrific games that Sunnyslot has to offer and, with a little luck, you can win one of Sunnyslot’s huge progressive jackpots. Recently, a Sunnyslot fan won over $2 million playing one of Sunnyslot’s progressive slots. And you thought mobile phones were only for talking??


Sunnyslot Mobile Casino Has it All

So what do you get when you play in Sunnyslot’s mobile casino? As mentioned, you can participate in their signature Sunny Slot progressive slot, which is an 8-line progressive slot with a super low minimum bet so you get more punch for your buck (or penny). The progressive jackpot grows quickly as thousands of participants around the globe give the big pot a whirl.


Video poker is another super popular Sunnyslots offering. Their version of Jacks or Better is called Island Win. Like most online video poker games, you can play Island Win with one to five coins; unlike most online video poker games, you can play Island Win directly from your cell phone, wherever and whenever you want. Sunnyslots also offers a Deuces Wild-type video poker game, called Oasis Poker, in which the 2s are wild cards, making this the most exciting of all video poker games. And, of course, you can play standard blackjack in Sunnyslot’s mobile casino – because how can you have a casino without the classic game of blackjack?


If all this sounds like a dream come true, grab your mobile phone, log onto Sunnyslot’s website and get going. Right on the site’s home page you’ll see where to enter your mobile phone number and almost instantly you’ll get a message on your cell telling you what to do next in order to register an account, deposit money, and then download the game or games you want to play. In no time, you’ll be walking around or basking in the sun, enjoying Sunnyslot’s terrific mobile games.



togel hk

5 Great Ways To Make Your Poker Bluffs Work More Often



Whether you play poker live or online, tournament or cash formats, for fun or for thousands of dollars – bluffing is a vitally important part of a balanced strategy. Look at it this way, if you never bluff, then it will be obvious to your opponents that a bet means you have a strong hand. If you always bluff you will find observant opponents calling you down ‘light’ and taking your chips away very quickly.


This article covers 5 great ways you can implement now to improve the success rate of your bluffs.


#1 – Avoid Buffing The Calling Stations


It is a fact of life in poker that some players just hate to fold. They call with anything pre-flop, with any hand or draw on the flop… and build big pots with hands which seem far too weak to play at all! If you are constantly trying to push one of these players out of the pot with bets, you are not actually bluffing – you are just giving chips away. Now, some of these players will fold the flop if they completely miss… however if you meet any resistance at all then stop bluffing – you can always wait for a hand and value-bet these players instead!


#2 – Make Sure You Are Not Obviously Playing ‘Backwards’.


Some players go ‘backwards’ with their play to an extreme and very obvious degree. By betting big and bold when you are weak and betting small or checking (perhaps trying for a check-raise) when you are strong, you give the advantage to any opponent who sees what you are up to. After all, in poker you want to get the chips in when you are ahead. Varying your play togel hk is important, however those players who always check when strong will find their big bluffs snapped off too often for them to be profitable.


#3 – Bluffing The Right Flop Texture


When a flop comes down with suited or connected cards, several of your opponents may call with draws to the various flushes and straights possible by the end. If you bet as a bluff and are called, you will often not know whether your opponents have a hand or a draw… making your next move unclear. Flops with a ‘dry’ texture are far better for bluffing, for example 2-7-Queen has only 1 high card and no 1-card straights – making it less likely someone will stick around if they missed the flop completely.


#4 – Make Sure Your Bluff Tells A Story


If it looks like you are drawing to a flush, which does not come in by the river, your bluff to try and save the hand will often get called. Since your play early in the hand, calling pre-flop and checking the flop / turn and your river bet did not match – your opponents are suspicious. This is just one example of your bets telling a consistent story, a key factor in successful bluffing. For example if you always raise with your ace-x hands pre-flop, it is hard to convince your opponents you hit the ace high flop those times you just checked or called!


#5 – Make Sure The Stacks Are The Right Sizes


Bluffing will often backfire when you play against very big or very small stacks in a tournament situation. The small stack might call out of sheer desperation, while the big stack might look you up with a variety of holdings – since the damage to their chances is limited if they are wrong. One more situation to watch for is when you raise a smaller stack (12 times the blind is a classic example) and someone re-raises all in. If you are getting odds of 2-to-1 or better then you can profitably call with many hands. This means you need to avoid bluffing in situations where this might happen when your stack is relatively small – fold or shove all in instead!