Marvelous Medium Length Hair Styles – Explained by Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood


Medium length hair styles are often outcast as being the middle child in the world of trendy locks. Short hair has the cute, spunky reputation and long hair gets all the sexy attention. If you are looking forward to Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood

What about medium length hair?  It deserves just as much acknowledgment as any other. If you have short to medium length hair, feel free to dazzle the masses with some of the looks below.


Medium Layered Haircuts

No matter how long or short your hair–volume means everything. When looking for shoulder length hair styles, note that only the bottom of your hair actually needs to stay at your shoulders. You can get layers going up around your eyes to frame them, or you could even get layers going underneath your hair for a chic look. Examine the best features on your face and get your layers to work in their favor. You’d be amazed by how much of a difference volume can make in the right places.


Pony Tails and Pig Tails

Medium hair is perfect for pony tails and pig tails because it is long enough to put back but still short enough to draw attention to the face. For pig tails, wear them low and close to your ears. Many women look great with their hair over their ears even, which depicts a country vibe that is perfect for a picnic or outdoor event.  For pony tails, you have to figure out where yours will look the best. Pull a piece of hair out to use as a bang up front, or pull two small pieces down by your ears to mimic a hot updo. Put a bump in the back or a part up front to keep your pony tail as adult as possible.


Wavy Medium Hair Styles

Waves and soft curls are totally in right now, and they work well for medium hair. Take a look at just about any hairstyle Charlize Theron has had over the last five years and you’ll quickly see just how well that medium wave could work for you.  Scrunching isn’t exactly ideal anymore, but the theory behind it is. Run a little product in your hair to make your waves stand out a bit, but don’t make them stiff and separated. Keep the look as natural as possible, but make sure you put a little effort into it. A simple curling iron could go a long way for your medium length hair style.