Stylish Solutions For Wedding Day Rain – Explained by Best laser treatments NYC


No matter how many times we hear that it is good luck, no bride actually hopes for rain on her wedding day. Weather is one of those things that you can’t control, so you had might as well go with the flow and make the best of it. These are some stylish solutions for dealing with rain on your wedding day. If you are looking forward to Best laser treatments NYC

If rain is in the forecast, the number one priority is to keep everyone dry. The beauty of the bride’s wedding gown and bridal jewelry will surely be diminished if she looks like a drowned rat, after all! Your guests will not exactly be delighted to sit through a long wedding in soaking wet clothes either, so shelter is the key. When planning an outdoor wedding, it is a really smart investment to have a tent. Should the forecast call for rain the week of the wedding, have your tent vendor add sides to the tent and a floor to cover wet and muddy ground. A very beautiful way to celebrate the weather is to choose a clear top tent. The sensation of seeing the rain but remaining dry is quite wonderful.

There are some additional ways in which you can make sure that your guests’ comfort is ensured on a rainy wedding day. You can add an awning over the front door of an indoor reception, to keep guests dry as they make their way in. Covered hallways can be created if the ceremony and reception spaces require crossing an outdoor area, such as in the case of a wedding in a field with multiple tents. And of course you will need umbrellas, and not just any umbrellas. Get the largest golf umbrellas known to man; if you select ones in your wedding colors (or ivory), they will look coordinated to the rest of the affair. Ushers should hold the umbrellas over guests and walk them to their seats; it is an elegant way to handle the rain that your guests will deeply appreciate.

Another way that you can make inclement weather more bearable for your wedding guests is to make arrangements for valet parking. This will spare them a long walk between parking lot and venue, which is especially important if yours is a formal wedding and women will be wearing long dresses. Be sure that the valets know that you will be handling the tipping and that they are not to accept gratuities from guests. And do tip generously; working outdoors in the rain definitely merits a bonus.

As for the bride, if rain is in the forecast, there are a few special things to keep in mind. No matter how silky your hair usually is, rain will make it frizzy. Avoid a hair disaster by wearing your hair up instead of loose. Tuck a pretty hair ornament into your hairstyle that complements your bridal jewelry for a stylish solution to a wet day. If at all possible, arrange to put on your wedding gown at the ceremony venue so you won’t have to wear it out in the rain. Place a large plastic bag over the zippered garment bag; when you get inside, tear off the outer bag and discard it. That will protect your bridal gown from getting wet from a damp bag.

Finally, do your best to embrace rain, should it happen on your wedding day. Some of the most spectacular photos ever taken of brides and grooms have been of the newlyweds in the rain (there is something about being wet that just says “passion”). If you take what comes with good cheer, you can be sure that your guests will also remain upbeat, no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you. As they say, let a smile be your umbrella.