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Sit and Go Cheri Casino Strategy


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Sit and Go strategy Sit and Go’s are small poker tournaments with typically six to ten players in them. These games naturally require a different approach than big multi table tournaments. Here are some tips on how you should handle Sit and Go’s with a buy-in lower than $30.


In the beginning you should play a very tight game. There is generally lots of action early on in these poker tournaments, and you will definitely get some when you enter a pot. Most of the time you will get at least one caller if you make a raise. Under these circumstances it’s obviously best to have a really good hand when you enter a pot. Some experts actually recommend that you only should play A-K and big pairs if you’re not in late position. A-Q and medium pairs could be limped in with on occasion from early or middle Cheri Casino positions. If you’re in late position you can play more hands, like suited Aces, K-Qs, Q-Js and small pairs. If another player has made a raise you should play even tighter and throw away all hands that are worse than A-K. Your aim in this stage of the tournament should be to accumulate chips and to let the other players knock each other out.


When the game is short-handed and the blinds are getting high it’s time to pick up the pace and start playing aggressively. Your and the other players stack size now play a important roll for your game strategy. If you have the biggest stack you should put pressure on your opponents and try to steal the blinds as often as possible. If you move all-in pre-flop it will take a very good starting hand for player with a medium sized stack to call. However, you shouldn’t let players in desperate situations double up against you too easily. If you have a medium sized stack it might be a good idea to fold your way into the money. You should definitely think twice about Cheri Casino before you go up against a player with a bigger stack. If you have a small stack you should direct your attacks to the medium stacks. Move all-in when you’re isolated against a medium stack; hopefully this player will fold, but even if that isn’t the case you might get lucky and win the hand. When the blinds are about one-fifth or greater of your stack you should start playing overly-aggressive.


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