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If we look at the facts, then heart disease is the number one disease that causes death in United States. The recent studies on heart disease have shown that around 2.4 million people in U.S die due to cardiovascular disease. In most of the cases, people are not aware of the ways to prevent themselves from heart attack. Simply knowing about what are the symptoms of heart disease would assist in seeking early medical help and it will automatically reduce the risk of death due to this disease. So, let us go through main symptoms of heart disease and what should be done if you ever experience them in life? We recommend you to check out this website–  to learn about their “Hyperpigmentation treatment webster tx” services.

The main symptoms of hypertensive heart disease include Angina (chest pain), numbness and tingling (If your face or arms get numb then it is a sign of arteries damage or blockage), breathlessness (face any kind of problem in breathing or respiratory system), dizziness (feeling dizzy is a sign of cardiovascular disease) and weakness. Heart Disease is a very crucial condition and if you face any of the above symptoms then immediately see a doctor. Explain what you are feeling clearly so that doctor can diagnose the problem as soon as possible. Getting late in diagnosing the problem can lead to serious damage. To know more about the symptoms of heart disease in details, simply browse through They have given info on heart disease which can help in preventing yourself from any kind of risk.

How Does Ischaemic Heart Disease Occur?

What do you know about Ischaemic heart disease? Do you know it can be a silent killer for women? Yes, Ischaemic heart disease which is also called as the coronary disease is not just for males but is a silent killer for women. People have a belief that Ischaemic heart disease is only found in men but recent studies have shown that even the women are susceptible to this disease. When the women reach menopausal age this disease works as a faster risk for women.

Different symptoms are found in both the sexes as far as this disease is concerned. Men time and again complaint about the indication of heart attack, for example, left arm ache or neck ache and sometimes heavy feeling in chest. Whereas, in women, it is said that they feel weak, shaky, and nauseous or many times they do not feel good at all. There is no doubt in the fact that women are found to be more prone to heart attacks as compared to men. As per studies, it is also found that women get more number of second heart attacks than in men. So, whether you are men or women, if you face any of the above symptoms in your body, then immediately see a professional doctor because you might be taking risk with your life. Telling your doctor what exactly you feel would be really helpful in avoiding risks of Ischaemic heart disease.