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PokerShare and Excapsa Resolve Online Casino Dispute


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PokerShare settles suit with Excapsa softwar provider of UltimateBet Online Poker Room. PokerShare got so big so fast that UltimateBet complained to Excapsa – another chapter in the evolution of poker networks. Related story is PartyGaming acquires EmpirePoker thereby ending their own poker dispute.


Playit Ownit Limited, the operators of, is pleased to announce an amicable resolution of its dispute with Excapsa Software Inc and its subsidiary, Game Theory Limited.


Commenting on ending the Online Casino dispute, CEO of, Lucan Toh said: “We’re very pleased to have resolved our differences with Excapsa Software Inc. and Game Theory Limited and wish them well in their imminent flotation. We consider them to be a very well run company and we will certainly be investing ourselves.”


PokerShare and Excapsa parted company in November 2005.


PokerShare will be re-launching with new software in early March and Max Wright, Director of Gaming said: “We are in tip-top shape for our return to the market and are very pleased with our new partners. We fully expect to regain our status as the most promising site on the web.”


Following the re-launch of its online poker site, PokerShare will open an online casino in April 2006 to be called


Japan-The Next Casino Haven


The Japanese are coming!!!


Casinos widely operate in Japan, just like in other countries which use casinos as tourists’ attraction.The only difference is, in Japan, casinos are illegally-run since casinos and other forms of gambling are not legalized. However, as Japan opens up to the world, its potential as tourists’ haven for casino gambling is soon to be unleashed, paving its way in the gambling industry, just like Singapore and Macau, which are hot spots for casino and other gambling activities.


SINGAPORE — Where will be the next casino hotspot in Asia after Macau and Singapore?


An expert from Osaka University of Commerce says he’d bet on Japan.


Ichiro Tanioka, who has conducted a series of studies on behalf of Japan’s Liberal Party, said the stage is set for the introduction of legalized gaming in Japan.


Tanioka said that there already is a proliferation of illegal gambling in Japan and that the number of pachinko and pachislo machines operating in Japan outnumbers slot machines worldwide.


He estimated there also to be 200,000 illegally run underground casino bars — called “shantis” — operating in Japan today generating more than $10 billion U.S. dollars revenue a year.


According to Tanioka’s study, there were nearly 5 million pachinko-type machines operating in Japan, while traditional slots numbered 2.4 million worldwide. In addition, he said there already is legal wagering in Japan on horse, bicycle, boat and motorcycle racing.



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