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Help Quintin Tarantino make James Bond: 먹튀검증커뮤니티 Royale


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Quentin Tarantino told SCI FI Wire that he has talked to Pierce Brosnan about adapting 먹튀검증커뮤니Royale as Brosnan’s fifth and final James Bond film. The director noted that his challenge would be to convince producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to diverge from the current formula of expensive action set pieces.

Post your thoughts here Help Quintin Tarantino make James Bond: Casino Royale

Gamblog gambling blog comment : I like James Bond films and a remake of Casino Royale can’t hurt can it?

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been urged not to expand casino gambling, racetracks and card rooms to help overcome the burgeoning $14 billion Californian budget deficit.

More Governor, don’t expand casino gambling

Gamblog gambling blog comment: If people want to gamble – let them or drive it underground. Can you say nanny state?.. Jeez.

Harry Redknapp has done an amazing job in bringing Portsmouth FC from mid league 1st division obscurity, to promotion, to avoiding disastrous relegation from the Premier League in 2 seasons flat and whats his reward?

♣ His chairman reckons Harry has orchestrated the removal of team coach Jim Smith, but Harry has vehemently defended Jim Smith to the point of losing his job as manager.

♣ In essence the chairman is saying Harry Redknapp is a two faced fool.

:. What nonsense eh?

:: More money than sense obviously.

Now – I may be thick and I may have a warped sense of humour but I do not understand and yes I laughed out loud.

♠ What am I on about?

On the radio today I heard that there is a swimming pool somewhere here in the UK who’s name and location escapes me.

Anyway – the point is apparently the swimming pool have just completed an inventory of the last 12 months lost property dept.

10 prosthetic limbs have been left behind and not claimed since.

♣ Now thats some weird shit no?

Stupid Question :: Any of you out there bet on the horses?

:. Well if you do you WILL have heard of Dubai Millenium even if you only bet on USA horseracing. In fact even harness racing followers know about this horse – surely.

:: UK blogger and gambler Paul Robson has taken the time to post all about and neatly link to bundles of information about Dubai Millenium’s offspring.

♣ I will say no more as you can see for yourself and I am way too lazy and old and tired to be posting quality horseracing information such

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