How can you win panaloko online Roulette?


online casino blog People have got hooked up on online panaloko lately. Roulette has become a most favourable game among players. Supposedly, this game attracts so many gamblers because it follows no rules. Almost all players have equal chances to win or to lose. The unpredictability of the game makes it more exciting.

When browsing the Internet you’ll find numerous websites presenting live online casino versions. So those who are fond of playing Roulette can visit a casino right in front of their computers. Live Roulette is a game in which a player gets a chance to interact with other players and a dealer. Of course, online casino can’t be compared to a traditional casino with its thrilling atmosphere. Your computer appears to be kind of a link between you and a casino.

People win differently at online Roulette. Some are lucky to hit a jackpot and others walk out with a considerable amount. It’s advisable to place smaller bets first in order to get a hang of the game and get acquainted with all rules. The more you practice online, the better you perform in real casinos.

There is a part of guesswork in the Togel Singaporegame. After several rounds, your sensitive feeling must tell you where it’s better to place a bet. Another thing that will increase your winning odds is choosing European Roulette to gamble, since it has 37 numbers. Unlike it, the American Roulette has a double zero number (00), which can influence your winning chances a lot.

All jackpot casino paid out $1.33 million!

Not long ago one of the most played online roulette games Roulette Royale handed in $1.33 million to a player with the screen name AlexandrosP. It’s been reported that it’s the hugest jackpot Micrograming’s roulette game ever paid out. The lucky man exclaimed that he did not buy into that, when saw that he had hit on the jackpot. On the list of his plans he added buying a new car, traveling and dedicating more time to his hobbies.

The press claims, that it’s hard to believe that AlexandrosP, being only a seven day member of All Jackpot casino, managed to grasp such a hefty prize!

As mentioned above, Roulette Royale is provided by Microgaming Software’s progressive network. It’s known, that in order to win a jackpot a player has to hit the same number five times in row, which is a very difficult thing to do. A gambler must have plenty of luck. Perhaps this particular player gained this great luck. Actually anybody has a tiny chance to win a jackpot at the online casino.

Unfortunately Microgaming’s online casinos are no longer available for U.S. residents (All Jackpot included). The reason for such action was so called “blackmailing” from the side of the State of Kentucky.

UK Newspaper Launches토토사이트 먹튀검증  Room


The British newspaper Metro, which has readership in 13 U.K. cities, has launched a new토토사이트 먹튀검  and online bingo site. The paper has over 2.8 million readers online and in distribution, and hopes to tap into this following in the online poker market. The paper has signed a deal with St. Minver for online bingo and poker facilities, and the poker software will be Boss Media’s. The site will join the International Poker Network of sites along with Liberty Poker,, Casino Club Poker and

The popularity of poker in the U.K. has big media players all competing for the gaming dollar. Now that the game is regulated in the U.K., different types of companies are putting resources into profiting from the game. Metro is the fourth largest paper in the U.K. and should make a splash in the U.K. gaming market, if their marketing approach properly reaches the public.

MMA Champ to Host Charity Poker Tournament

Randy Couture, the UFC heavyweight champion (aka “The Natural”) who recently resigned from Dana White’s hugely popular MMA organization, is set to host a charity poker tournament on January 12, 2008 at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in (where else?) Las Vegas.

Jamie Gold, the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event winner, and Dean Cain, the actor who starred as Superman in the popular television series “Lois and Clark”, have signed on to be part of the field in “Operation All In”.

With a buy-in of only $550 “Operation All-In” is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event with a guaranteed prize pool. The goal? To raise money for the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation, a non-profit founded by Randy and Kim Couture to honor the veterans of America’s armed forces. Its goal is to raise money and awareness for those wounded in action and their families.

For more information on Togel – how to participate in this charity tournament or how to donate to Couture’s non-profit, please visit his website.

Asia Pacific Poker Tour

Created by, Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) was and kicked off in August 2007 in South Korea before going onto the Philippines and Sydney. It’s goal? To become one of the world’s richest poker tours (and a first in Asia!). Like all big poker tournaments (think WSOP and WPT), the APPT is also scheduled to air its first season on television channels across the world in early 2008.

Providing poker enthusiasts with the chance to test their No Limit Texas Holdem skills against some of the world’s best players in the most glamorous of Asia Pacific destinations, the APPT is currently working on a new season’s worth of poker tournaments.

APPT Season 1 Highlights: Grant Levy Becomes First Aussie to Win Sydney Tournie

On December 16th Grant Levy, a 28-year-old school teacher, beat out a field of 561 players (including four pros!) and picked up a cool one million dollars en route to becoming Sydney’s first ever APPT Champion at Star City Casino.

Levy had no idea he had become the first Aussie to win a million-dollar tournament on Aussie soil. “To be honest I am still taking it all in,” Levy said immediately after his big win. “It’s unbelievable to think that I have taken on some of the world’s greats and come out on top. I’m ecstatic to take the title and the million – I think it’s going to take a week or so to even sink in.”

Top 5 Poker News Stories of 2007

  1. Annette Obrestad wins WSOP Europe at the age of 18. She is already an online star and has earned over $2.5 million. She will be an anticipated addition to Vegas when she’s old enough.
  2. Tom Schneider wins two WSOP bracelets at the 2007 WSOP in Omaha and Stud Hi/Low and the 7-card Stud Hi/Low $1000 event. He won over $800,000 combined this year and was named WSOP 2007 player of the year.
  3. Rep. Barney Frank enters bill to legalize online gaming. Frank’s bill H.R. 2046 was introduced in April and seeks to legalize and regulate internet gaming.
  4. David “The Dragon” Pham wins the Cardplayer Player of The Year award for the second time after Jonathan Little was unable to catch him at the last event of the year.
  5. Legendary player Chip Reese dies at home at the age of 56 after having pneumonia symptoms.

Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan Out as Full Tilt Poker “에볼루션카지노”


In a surprising occurrence in the online 에볼루션카지, high stakes poker player Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan is no longer a member of “The Professionals,” the sponsored players for Full Tilt Poker.

Visitors to the Full Tilt Poker website, which once featured Dwan alongside his “Professionals” teammates Gus Hansen and Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom, are now graced with only the visages of Hansen and Blom on the site. According to PokerListing’s Matthew Showell, there was little fanfare over the separation between Dwan and FTP. “Full Tilt Poker and Tom Dwan have agreed to part ways following the recent expiration of Dwan’s contract,” Showell quotes a Full Tilt spokesman as saying. “To have one of the most respected names in poker on our team has been a great pleasure. We will continue to watch Tom at the tables and wish him every success in the future.”

Hansen, Blom and Dwan were brought onboard Full Tilt Poker as “The Professionals” in November 2012 following the rebirth of the site under the auspices of the Rational Group (also the owners of PokerStars). Hansen and Blom have been very active on the new site, with Hansen having a difficult time (according to High Stakes Database, Hansen is down $8.53 million this year alone) and Blom very slightly up (roughly $650,000). The situation for Dwan is much different, however.

Over the past year, Dwan has been moderately active on Full Tilt Poker, scoring roughly $750,000 in profits. High Stakes Database shows, however, that Dwan has had lengthy periods of inactivity; from June through September, there was no movement in his bankroll graph and, following a spurt of activity in September and October, Dwan hasn’t been back since. This could be one of the reasons for the dismissal of Dwan from “The Professionals.”

Another reason for the parting of the ways between Dwan and Full Tilt Poker could be the lack of success that Dwan has had on the live tournament poker circuit over the past year. Over the past year, Dwan has only one official cash (according to the Hendon Mob database) at the NBC Heads-Up Championship in January of 2013. Prior to that, Dwan’s 2012 stats were compiled in one listing, a sixth place finish in the Premier League V in April 2012. Since 2011, Dwan has only garnered eight cashes in worldwide tournaments, with four of those in “invitational” events (such as the NBC Heads Up tournament) and three at the 2011 World Series of Poker.

The final reason for Dwan’s departure from Full Tilt Poker could be his passion for high stakes live games. It is well known in the poker community that Dwan has been spending a considerable amount of time in Macau, playing the whales that frequent the Asian version of Las Vegas. Dwan admitted in September that he had “my biggest loss ever” after a junket to Macau, leaving some in the poker world speculating that Dwan’s bank account may be tapped out.

The separation of Dwan and Full Tilt Poker has also cast a shadow over the rebirth of the ‘durrrr’ Challenge. In October, Dwan and Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates were to resume their heads up match with new conditions, according to Cates. After a spat that occurred earlier in the year, Dwan and Cates set out a schedule for play with significant financial penalties should either side not meet the expectations set. In an interview, Cates specifically said, “With the deal we have now, I’ll make money either way.” Now that Dwan is no longer a member of Full Tilt Poker, the ‘durrrr’ Challenge may have hit another roadblock that could prevent its conclusion (for the record, Cates was ahead by approximately $1.5 million after half of the 50,000 hands were played).

Options for Dwan in picking up another Togel Hari Inisponsorship deal are minimal. PokerStars is unlikely because of its “sister site” situation with Full Tilt. The powerful European rooms, such as partypoker, 888 or Winamax, might be interested, but just how much interest would there be in an American player that (currently) isn’t very invested in the online game (or live tournament poker, for that matter)? Where Dwan will land (or IF he will) might be a question on everybody’s minds as the calendar turns to 2014.

사설토토Draft Thoughts


There were some big names traded, but they weren’t 사설토, KG, or Amare.  They were Jason Richardson, Zach Randolph, and Ray Allen.  And quite frankly, it seemed like they were all good trades for all parties involved.

I was wondering about the Brandon Wright draft pick by the Bobcats.  I mean, I love the Heels, but it seemed like that meant they were giving up on Sean May.  But when the trade came through (basically Jason Richardson to the Bobcats for Wright), it made sense.  Wright is an absolutely perfect fit in the Warriors up-tempo offense.  In any type of halfcourt style team, he would have struggled his first couple years.  And although Richardson doesn’t come cheap, the Bobcats needed some type of veteran on the team who could put up points.  Add Richardson to a lineup that includes Raymond Felton, Adam Morrison (who needs to improve after a terrible first year),  Sean May, Emeka Okafor, and possibly Gerald Wallace (free agent), and you get a guy who can mentor the young guys and provide scoring punch.  The guys on ESPN just killed Jordan for the trade, but it makes sense to me.  They were way under the cap.  Why not make a run at the playoffs?

The Knicks added Zach Randolph and change, trading away Steve Francis and Channing Frye.  The Blazers just didn’t want Randolph on their team any more.  They’re getting rid of all of the Jail Blazers and totally rehabilitating their image.  And now with a frontcourt of Greg Oden and LaMarcus Aldridge, they really didn’t need another low post presence.  They did get Channing Frye, who was untouchable last year at this time.  He’ll be a great sixth or seventh man for them.  I’m guessing they buy out Steve Francis.   For the Knicks, they got rid of a huge contract in Francis and added a guy who is virtually guaranteed to get 20 and 10.  But is it enough to make a playoff push?  Maybe, but their frontcourt won’t be able to guard anyone.  Actually, I’m sure Isaiah will figure out how to make them terrible still.

The Celtics traded away the #5 draft pick (Jeff Green), Wally Szerbiak’s bad contract, and Delonte West to the Sonics for Ray Allen.  Now a lot of experts are wondering why the Celtics would do this because Allen is getting old (32), but he really doesn’t show any signs of aging.   I have to believe that the scoring combo of Paul Pierce, Allen, and Al Jefferson is good enough to get them into the playoffs.  Plus if they want to make a big push at the trade deadline, they could trade Theo Ratliff’s expiring contract (something like $11-12M) for another significant contributor.  They are mortgaging the future for a chance in the next couple years, but in the NBA, it’s win now.  For the Sonics, it’s all about youth movement.  They now have two studs in Kevin Durant and Green.  Are they willing to fork over the dough for Rashard Lewis?  We’ll see.

Notice that in all three of these trades, veteran quality talent went from West to East.  Except for the Shaq trade, it’s been the total opposite of that for the past five years.  And it’s always possible that Kobe and KG could come East.  Will we see a shift in power the next few years?

I was pretty disappointed in the suits this year.  No flash at all.  No top hats.  No purple or red or blue.  The biggest non-conformist of the night was Joakim Noah who wore a bow tie.  Where’s Jalen Rose when you need him?

I absolutely loved that Josh McRoberts slid all the way to #40.  No guaranteed money.  Nice.  And he’s the best that Dook has to offer.  A year ago he could have been in the lottery, and instead he decided to come back and lead the team to their worst season since Mike Kroozawooski left them because of alcohol problems er, back trouble.  You gotta wonder who’s advising this guy.  Will Avery?  For more on the Dookies, check out this YouTube clip.

The Bucks made a big mistake drafting Yi Jianlian.  Why draft a guy and pay him millions if he’s not going to be happy living there?  If I were Chinese, I wouldn’t want to live in lily white Milwaukee either.  Trade him to a big city with an Asian population.

Overall, great draft.  Exciting the whole way through.  Can’t wait for next year.

Dog Stands Outside Invisible Door, Refuses to Come In


Look, we never said ALL dogs were smart, okay?

Yes, some can help change a baby’s diaper. And others can help bring in the groceries. While still others can unlock a window and make a daring escape into the sunshine. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

But the canine featured in the following footage likely can’t do any of these things.

He can make both his owners and anyone who watches this video laugh uncontrollably, however, as the adorable little guy stands on the deck and really wants to heed his master’s pleas to come inside.

Only he can’t. Because he thinks the door in front of him is closed. Only when someone comes over and PRETENDS to open this glass obstacle does the dog happily walk ahead.

Give the dog credit, however. He’s certainly been trained very well. A tad too well, it would seem.

What an uproariously awesome video.

Husain Abdullah Celebrates Touchdown With Muslim Prayer, Gets Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penality

Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct during Monday night’s game for dropping to his knees in prayer.

The defensive player had just intercepted a Tom Brady pass and taken it to the house as part of the home team’s 41-14 demolition of New England.

Upon scoring his second career touchdown, the 29-year-old Abdullah then slid to his knees and bowed in celebration – not to himself, but to Allah.

If there is any doubt as to what Abdullah was doing, his brother and former NFL safety Hamza Abdullah exclaimed on Twitter: “ALLAHU AKBAR!”

A devout Muslim who sat out the entire 2012 season to make Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Husain drew a penalty for his end zone display.

Many fans in the stadium and on Twitter were upset, believing there’s no way he should have had a penalty called on him for what he did on the field.

His agent also weighed in on the issue, Tweeting, “If the NFL tries to fine @HAbdullah39 for his TD celebration there’s going to be some problems.”

Going strictly by the official rule book, NFL “players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations while on the ground,” thus justifying the penalty.

Or not, but the league’s own admission.

In 2008, then-V.P. of NFL officiating Mike Pereira explained on TV that there was a loophole in the rule against players going to the ground: prayer.

As recently as 2013, Pereira reiterated this exception, saying on Twitter that “you’re not penalized for going to the ground to give praise after a TD.”

Recently, Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall went to his knee in prayer after touchdowns against both the 49ers and the Packers.

There were no flags in either case.

The NFL, which hasn’t exactly had a good PR month as it is, will no doubt be under scrutiny and forced to clarify why Abdullah got the penalty.

At least it was quick.. 먹튀검증 먹튀폴리스


Hmm. I got all pumped up after writing that blog last night. I really felt like먹튀검증 먹튀폴리  I was going to make some major noise in this tournament. Instead, it was just a small whimper.

Wow! I just had one of the most intense takeoffs of my flying career. And it’s a long one cause my mom is a flight attendant and I have been flying my entire life. It’s weird too, because I used to have ZERO fears when flying. But sometime around the age of 24 (I’m 27 now) takeoffs really started freaking me out. It’s odd that this fear would just appear at such a late age. Perhaps it has something to do with getting older and taking less risk. A few of my friends noticed 24 was also the age when I “got rich”, so maybe now I have more to lose. I dunno, I know the statistics and all so I really shouldn’t have any fear.

Ok so I woke up for the tournament in time to register and get hand one, which is a first in a while for me. I usually like to sleep in because I feel the rest is more important than a few blinds in the beginning but lately I’m starting to reconsider. There are many opportunities to get some of the “dead money” and I don’t want to miss any. I registered in the morning to find that everyone who registered the day of the tournament was seated together, and normally the late reg’ers are all pros. So every table at the end of the room was tough and mine was no exception. Seat 1 – Jason Potter, 2 – Tony Cousineau, 3 – Hoyt Corkins, 4 – Randy Haddox, 5 – David Tran, 6 – Bill Edler, 7 – Me, 8 – Brandon Cantu, 9 – Justin Bonomo.

I have played a lot of hands with all these players except seats 1 and 4 so I pretty much knew what to expect from them. Brandon was still high off his WPT Bay 101 win so I knew he would be full of confidence and a betting machine. I liked having him behind me because I could check big hands to him and count on him to bet. Wouldn’t you know, that situation arose early in level 1, with the blinds at 25-50 and 15k in starting chips.

I picked up AA and everyone folded to me in the cutoff +1. I raised to 125 hoping to get one caller. Brandon was one off the button and Justin was absent as was the SB  and “Tight Tony” was in the BB so it was unlikely he would call. Sure enough Brandon called and surprisingly so did Tony. The flop was A98 rainbow. A pretty good flop but not one that would get much action. It’s unlikely they held anything to get any good action on except 89 so when Tony checked so did I, hoping Brandon would take the lead at it. Like a book he bet 450 and Tony folded. I decided it’s more likely he has an air ball and my hand would be too obvious if I raised so I opted to just call. The turn was a semi scary Jd, bringing up a back door diamond draw. I again checked, cause I know Brandon doesn’t like to give up the lead and bluffs a lot. He now bet 650, a semi smallish bet of half the pot. I considered raising. My thoughts were if he has nothing at all, I’ll just win the 1950. He could have a draw, but I felt he might even be crazy enough to call a big raise or even put the pressure on me and move in representing the QT, which is a hand I actually put in his range on the flop. I decided to take a risk and just call and keep the pot small and manageable for the river, and hope that he fires a 3rd bullet with air on the river. The river was a Qd, terrible! Now any 10 is a straight and backdoor diamonds got there, although I didn’t think that hand was as likely. I decided to bet what some would call a “blocking bet” of 1000. It was small enough that it looked like I could be betting for value, and I felt he couldn’t raise with a 10 himself because I could have KT or a flush and since my set was so disguised he couldn’t raise me for value with a straight. I also didn’t want him to bluff a pot-sized bet of 2600. He thought for a minute and raised me 2000 more. I was totally confused now and no line really made much sense to me. I know he is bluffy and considered that fact when I made the call. He shocked me with the 2d4d. In retrospect, I don’t mind my flat call on the turn. Tuan Le thinks I should have raised him but I feel that is results oriented thinking. He is a huge dog to hit his hand and if he does miss there is no way he checks the river with 4 high to just pass me a free 2600 pot. And if the river is a board pairing diamond I win a huge pot. I also hate my bet of 1000. What I do hate is my payoff. I should have known that if he was going to bluff he would have probably raised it a big amount to make it hard for me to call. I have shown strength on 4 streets now so he has to know 2000 isn’t going to get me to fold. Basically my curiosity cost me 2000 extra in chips that I didn’t have to pay.

I didn’t let the loss discourage me. I was down to 11200 and continued with my plan from last night. I folded down to about 8000 when another interesting hand occurred during level 3 with blinds at 75/1450. I limped under the gun with Ac3c. There was a lot of limping going on at the table and I didn’t mind playing that hand versus a lot of opponents. Surprisingly it folded around to the BB and Bill Edler just checked. The flop was Q73 with two spades. Bill checked and I decided to just try and take it now with a small bet of 300. Bill thought and called. At this point I knew the worst hand Bill could have was a flush draw and with that and two cards over a 3 I was done with the hand unless I improved. The turn was the Ad, giving me top and bottom. Bill checked and I thought and decided I wasn’t going to dog it if he did have a flush draw and give him a free card. I bet 600 and he raised me to 1500. His raise was small and it scared me. I put him on most likely having a pair on the flop, now he is raising me like the Ace improved his hand. This would mean I’m beat. I wasn’t’ sure and once again couldn’t make the big lay down. The raise was so small and there were a few hands I was beating. The River was the 5s completing the flush and he checked. I decided it wasn’t worth a bet and checked behind. He showed AQ and was shocked I didn’t bet A3. What can I say, I knew what he had and wish I was good enough to have folded the turn. I was down to 6500 but still had heart.

I got moved twice and nothing interesting happened when I got to a fairly good table. The only face I recognized was Joe Sebok. I folded patiently and decided to raise the button when it folded to me with 85 off suit. The blinds were 100/200 and I made it 600. There was a woman in the SB that had not played a hand and a very old man in the BB that had also not played a hand. She folded and he called. The flop was 732 with two clubs. I saw what appeared like he wanted to bet and then he checked. I checked behind to avoid the check raise and see his turn action. The turn was a Q and he checked again. I decided he can’t have much to check twice and bet 1200. He called rather quickly. I put him on a flush draw or small pair, such as the 7 or 3. The river was a 2 and he checked again. I didn’t want to check and just pass him the pot, especially if he had something like JTcc and couldn’t call the river so I bet 1200 again, leaving myself 3000. He called with no hesitation and showed TT. I was not playing well. I should have realized he was playing tight and for him to defend his blind he had to have something. I still had 3000 and was not going to go down easily.

I folded til my next BB when 3 people limped it, including the SB. I had a fine hand to see a free flop with, 6h7h. The flop was K89 with two spades and we checked to Sebok, the last limper and he bet 600 into a pot of 800. The SB folded and I decided Sebok plays a lot of hands and is very loose and I had the perfect stack to move in with. I raised him 2400 and all in. Enough that I created some fold equity if he had a weak hand or a draw. To my surprise he called with JT and won with jack high. Oh well, that’s poker I guess. Overall I would give my play a C+ for this tournament. The only things I think I did right was not give up when I got short early. I fought for a few hours, and lately that hasn’t been the case when I get short, I just ship it in ASAP and get out of there. So I fixed some of the things I was doing wrong, but did some new things wrong. It’s all about adjustments and hopefully I’ll get them figured out by the WPT Champs in Reno.

AIG = All In Gamblers kodok99

For those of you who live on top of kodok99 Everest who don’t know there’s a ‘credit crunch’ out there. Just at the moment the target of the financial vultures is American International Group (hey, if that doesn’t get me some Google hits nothing will!).

Apparently AIG have 24 hours to secure significant funding before they hit the buffers. This is a company which was the biggest insurer in America and a global presence who not many people know of in the UK save for their sponsorship of a football club around 40 miles from where I sit lovingly known by we Leeds fans as ‘Scum’. For the rest of you that’s Manchester United, a club which itself is sitting on approaching £1bn of debt.

If AIG go down then the shock waves will be massive. Anyway, enough of the Wall Street Journal stuff, the other reason I’m interested in AIG is that they happen to underwrite much of the business that my company works on. If they go belly up I quite honestly don’t know what the ramifications would be for me and my company.

I admit openly that I’m rather scared.

But anyway, this is a poker blog, largely, so what’s the link? In fact it’s quite tenuous. As I was playing tonight I had the CNN Share page in the background showing AIG’s shares. It was a massacre. The share price changed every second falling to around $1.80 a share and then rising as computer programmes decided to buy at a perceived low point. Then it rose, and rose and rose. It got to a point above where it started ($4.76) and then eventually settled down at $3.75 at the close, still a quarter down. Now, in after hours trading, it’s down to $1.83.

I guess my mind might have been somewhat distracted, though if it was I didn’t particularly realise it. However 600 hands later I’ve endured the most frustrating, most annoying and utterly jaw dropping session ever. No matter that I couldn’t hit a thing. No matter that, once again, with the money in the middle I had a full house cracked by quads – the ninth time in just over a month. What really got me was the utter disorder of those who came and went on the tables.

I like to think of Stars as a bit of an institution, where on the whole the cash play is as sensible as you can get at the various micro-limits. In fact I make a lot of my money on that basis. Tonight we had all ins flying around like the playesr were buying and selling AIG shares. There was no rhyme nor reason to it. Pocket 5s would clash with straight draws for $20 pots (at NL5, by the way). A limped table would react to a button raise by re-re-re-re-raising until we had yet more all in shenanigans. $8 pots with three players would see two of them fold to a 10c bet on the end! Just craaaazzzzy! It was like someone had actually paid people to make a mockery of the game.

There was such a parallel between what I was seeing and the rollercoaster ride on the AIG shares. No real rhyme nor reason to it all. Gut instincts, a lack of discipline and, given that AIG is the custodian of phenomenal amounts of funds but not in a position to realise them at short notice, an evident problem with pot odds and bankroll management.

I avoided most of the fall out apart from a $12 pot, but I still ended up losing at a rate of about 35BB/100 hands. In a poker sense I feel shell shocked. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. It’s not how it was yesterday and it’s nothing like it will be tomorrow.

I can only hope for my sake, and for everyone’s sake, including the 100,000+ employees that AIG have, that a certain order is restored in the worlds that drew together for me this evening.

The poker donkeys and the city traders have one thing in common. They’re like headless chickens who get caught up in hysteria. And through their idiocy most of them lose money and drag down those who want to ‘play it straight’. Like the Traders, some walked out of the session much richer without quite knowing how they got there while for others like me it was a case of right time, wrong place – if I’d had decent hands I’d probably not be moaning now :)))

Since the last update the after hours price has gone up to $2.30 from $1.83. Is the company worth 26% more now that twenty minutes ago? Is it really worth nearly 40% less than it was this morning? Of course not, but when people leave rational decison making behind finance, as poker, becomes little more than a lottery.

Sydney Fringe Festival highlights announced by justcalendars


Sydney Fringe Festival, the largest independent arts festival in NSW, marks seven years of success by announcing its largest and most dynamic program yet, to be presented from 1 until 30 September. For the first time in 2022, Sydney Fringe together with Inner West Council will unveil and enliven a new Sydney cultural precinct ‘Off Broadway’ bringing pop-up spaces, performances and street activations to a previously disused strip of Parramatta Road. Are you a BIG lover of Nude Calendars, find a big collection of 2023 Calendar here.

Sydney Fringe Festival returns to take over the city this September with a ‘call to party’ theme inviting audiences onto the streets with more than 300 productions in over 50 venues spread across five cultural villages. Highlighting the city’s vibrant culture, the cultural villages presented for Fringe will activate Sydney suburbs with a diverse program spanning theatre, music, comedy, visual art, film, musical  theatre, dance, circus, literature and poetry.

Sydney Fringe CEO and Festival Director Kerri Glasscock said: “In 2022 the Sydney Fringe Festival will put the sparkle back into our City’s nightlife. It’s time for the Independent sector to stand up and say “party”, to celebrate the rich cultural offerings that are lovingly created throughout the City all year round and we want you to be there. This year we’ll be reawakening old haunts, reviving long forgotten venues and activating new precincts across the City throughout the month of September.”

A highlight of the 2022 festival will be the new Sydney creative precinct titled ‘Off Broadway’ to be unveiled by Sydney Fringe and Inner West Council for the first time during the Festival. Off Broadway will host a series of events in the disused shop fronts along Parramatta Road in Sydney’s inner west.

FRINGE IGNITE, the festival’s opening party, returns on Saturday 3 September and will take place in Darlinghurst along Stanley Street and neighbouring laneways. Teaming up with the Live Music Office and APRA AMCOS with guest curator Barney McAll, Fringe Ignite features a decadent program that will then spill into the neighbouring venues of Oxford St and Darlinghurst post 8pm for further celebrations. Further parties are planned for the Festival including a series of themed discos to take place at venues around inner Sydney.

Sydney Fringe Festival is delighted to work with 2022 Festival Ambassadors including actress Camilla Ah Kin, actress Paula Arundell, actor Nicholas Brown, comedian Sam McCool and the multi-talented Stone family with Yael Stone of Orange Is The New Black fame, musician Elana Stone and Jake Stone previously of band Bluejuice.

An extended family program of events will be offered with FRINGE KIDS presented over the first weekend of the school holidays on 24 – 25 September, including workshops by local Instagram sensation Handy With Scissors plus kids performances and family friendly events at 5 Eliza St Newtown. Sydney Fringe is also hosting a high tea for mothers while the kids are in workshops, a champagne brunch in aid of raising funds for Fringe Festival’s community partner Look Good Feel Better providing support to cancer patients. Camperdown Park will play host to a family movie screened in the park on 17 September and an Edwardian inspired family cricket and picnic day on 18 September.

A large-scale Silent Dinner Party at Paddington Town Hall on Saturday 24 September will be a highlight of the Festival’s closing weekend, following the popular 2022 Fringe Festival event that set a record for the largest silent dinner party. Guests at the Silent Dinner Party are instructed to “not use words or your voice, please don’t read or write, try to make as little noise as possible, don’t interact with technology and stay for at least 2 hours.” Dinner is included in the ticket price, offering the chance for guests be part of a living artwork that has now been hosted in eight countries across the world.

Can I Dispute a Trade with my Forex Broker?

On the whole, Forex trading is a smooth operation. In many cases, trades are executed within milliseconds of being sent through to the exchange – and the same is true for orders which are being placed.
However, on the odd occasion, things can go wrong. This is usually confined only to Forex brokers who do not route trades directly to the Forex trading floor, and instead execute trades manually or with their own systems.
If you feel that your trade has been executed unfairly, as a prop firm  result of Broker error, you might want to dispute a particular trade and try to seek reimbursement for the money you lost. If this is the case, you will need to submit a dispute form on the prop firm broker’s website.
Submitting a Trade Dispute Form
Whilst this doesn’t happen very often (brokers try to minimize errors and mistakes as much as possible) – we have heard of a number of cases where traders needed to submit a dispute form as a result of a trade being placed or closed incorrectly. Whether the trade was opened at the wrong price, or closed at a price far away from the actual quote price – just be aware that everything you do on a Legendafx platform is recorded, and therefore there are records of trades and orders as they are placed.
To submit a trade dispute form, simply follow the steps listed on the Forex broker’s website. These will usually require the following information:
The currency pair you placed the trade on
The time of the trade
The ID number of the order or trade
The reason why you are wanting to dispute the trade
The reason why you believe that it was the broker’s fault instead of your own error
There will obviously be spaces on the forms for you to put all of this information. We recommend that you be as comprehensive and detailed as you possibly can, so that the broker is able to look at as much information about the case as possible.
Dispute Resolution
Following the submission of your complaint, it could take up to 30 days for the Forex broker to review your dispute form and take action. They will need to go back in their own system and check to see what actually happened, and therefore why you feel that you were hard done by.
Following this, they may or may not offer you compensation, based on the individual claim.
2 Alternatives to the Spot Forex Market
What many Forex traders do not know is that there is actually more than one type of Forex market to trade on. Yes – most brokers will only offer one (the spot Forex market) – but there are a few Forex brokers out there who have flexibility as to the market that you are able to trade on.
In this article, we will take a look at the other Forex markets, and try to examine the difference between them and the spot market. This should provide you with a better idea of exactly which market is best for your style of trading.
The Forward Market
The Forex forward market is an entirely separate market from the spot. You will find that when looking at currency pairs in the forward Forex market, the quotes are completely different to those found on the spot rates.
This is a function of what the market is actually providing. As you might have gathered from the name of the forward market – this particular arena is offering rates to buy foreign currencies in the future. There are a number of different quotes for different time frames. For example, the following time scales might offer different rates to trade at:
1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months
Many spot Forex traders utilize forward rates to help them predict the future movements of a particular currency pair. The reality is that a 12 month forward Forex rate is the price that traders expect the currency pair to be trading at on the spot market in 12 months time, and therefore this is often a good measure of the future moves of the market.
Swap Rates
Another market entirely separate from the spot and forward Forex markets is the Swap Market. This market is used in complex currency trades, which are often far beyond the needs of mainstream retail spot traders.
Swap rates are those which are used when transferring real currency from one country to another, without the need to actually convert the currency. Whilst the swap rates are often similar to spot market Forex rates, the swap market also has time scales just like the forward market.
Swap rates are used by large corporations trying to hedge their overseas exposure, or by importers and exporters who do not want to trade a particular currency pair at the current time, but still need to pay their counterpart in another country. Often, the swap market doesn’t even get a mention by Forex brokers because of its complexity.

Suzuki to build a car assembly plant in Russia

TOKYO (AP) _ Suzuki Motor Corp. said Friday it will build a car assembly plant near St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city.
The automaker will invest 14 billion yen (US$115.7 million; for the plant that is expected to start operations in late 2009 with about 500 employees, the company said in a statement.
The plant will be used for assembling Grand Vitara and SX4 passenger cars, it said.
Suzuki is the third Japanese automaker to set up a plant in Russia after Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co., Kyodo News agency said. Toyota will begin production in December, and Nissan’s plant is to be completed in 2009, the agency said.
Nissan, Suzuki expanding business co operation to provide cars to each other
TOKYO (AP) _ Nissan will supply pickup trucks for Suzuki to sell in North America in an expansion of the Japanese automakers’ business co-operation, both sides said Friday.
Nissan Motor Co. and Suzuki Motor Corp. already have a partnership, in which Suzuki provides Nissan mini-cars, mainly for the Japanese market, to be sold under the Nissan brand.
Under the latest deal, Suzuki will supply small cars for Nissan to sell in Europe, the companies said. Nissan will also provide vehicles for Suzuki to sell under the Suzuki brand, they said.
Nissan does not make its own mini-vehicles, which have engines of up to 0.66 litres and get tax breaks in Japan. Minicar sales have been booming lately in Japan while the overall auto market here has remained flat.
Land Rover: Celebrating 60 Years and Going Strong
60 years ago today, a motoring icon made its public debut, when the original Land Rover was shown at a motor show in Amsterdam, on April 30, 1948. The current Defender is clearly descended from that first vehicle, known as a Series 1. Extraordinarily, they even share a couple of original parts, an oil filler plug and a cleat for tying down the canvas roof. But the rest of the vehicle technology has moved on considerably.
Today, Land Rover goes from strength-to-strength, with a five-model line-up headed by the Range Rover, and record global sales of over 226,000 vehicles in 2007.
The company recently received an early birthday present, in the form of two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. The first, for ‘International Trade’, was given in recognition of export sales of nearly £4 billion per annum to 147 countries, with markets such as China and Russia driving major growth. The second, for ‘Innovation’, was awarded for Land Rover’s acclaimed Terrain Response™ system. At the twist of a knob, this sets up the vehicle’s engine response and traction systems to maximize performance on all terrains – the electronic equivalent of having an expert instructor alongside the driver.
Around the world, Land Rover will be celebrating its 60th anniversary year throughout the summer with a series of special activities and events.
Success Story
Land Rover is an outstanding British engineering and manufacturing success story. Its manufacturing plants at Solihull (near Birmingham) and Halewood (near Liverpool) and its Research and Development facilities in the English Midlands, employ a workforce of 8,500 – and the company helps support an estimated further 40,000 jobs through automotive suppliers.
Since the first Series I model rolled off the production line at Solihull, the vehicles created by Land Rover have defined the SUV market. In 1970, the company introduced what’s been called the most significant SUV ever, the Range Rover – the first SUV to be equally capable on-road as off-road. Now, alongside the Range Rover and Defender*, sit the LR3, LR2 and Range Rover Sport.
Land Rover’s spirit of adventure has been evident from the earliest days. Adventurers, farmers, scientists, naturalists, and outdoor sport enthusiasts have all used Land Rovers’ capability to access some of the world’s most inhospitable regions. For 60 years, the company’s vehicles have also worked for a multitude of humanitarian and conservation organizations, represented today by Land Rover’s formal ties with the Born Free Foundation, Biosphere, Earthwatch, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), and the China Exploration and Research Society. If you are looking for vw aufkleber, check out here.
Phil Popham, Land Rover’s Managing Director, commented, “Land Rover’s history is a long and illustrious one – and the future is just as exciting. We are committed to maintaining our relevance and meeting the needs of our customers in a changing global environment. Earlier this year, we unveiled a glimpse into our possible future – the diesel hybrid LRX cross-coupe concept. This signals that Land Rover will continue to evolve, with capability, premium values and sustainable motoring at the top of the agenda.”