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World Trade Organization Ruling on Online slot gacor Ignored by USA

The U.S. government’s move to effectively outlaw online slot88 and sports betting by prohibiting U.S. banks and Internet service providers from offering financial and Internet services to online bettors and the sites they frequent threatens to destroy the fragile economies of island nations Antigua and Barbuda.

The April 3, 2006 deadline looms and still no word from U.S.A. The U.S. government’s move to effectively outlaw online casino and sports betting by prohibiting U.S. banks and Internet service providers from offering financial and Internet services to online bettors and the sites they frequent threatens to destroy the fragile economies of island nations Antigua and Barbuda. In an effort to stave off those devastating effects, these online gambling revenue-dependant governments took the U.S. before the World Trade Organization seeking relief. And relief was what they were granted.

The Geneva-based WTO ruled in April 2005 that the U.S. action illegally violated world trade agreements and gave the U.S. until April 3, 2006 to create legislation that was compliant. With less than ten days to go, the U.S. has remained silent.

“The U.S. government’s interference with a multi billion-dollar industry, and its attempts to legislate the morals of it citizens, is simply a ploy to protect its own tax revenues by blocking the outflow of gambling money from its shores.” Said Marianne Anderson, Director of Marketing at, an online sports betting company with headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica. “And its failure to implement the decision of the WTO further damages the country’s image in the eyes of smaller nations who used to look to the U.S. as a role model for international business relations.” Marianne added.

That viewpoint is shared by Dr. John W. Ashe, the Ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda, who was recently quoted in an article on as saying “‘With an implementation deadline approaching on 3 April 2006, less than three weeks from now, we might be forgiven, Sir, for having some anxiety at a complete lack of information from the United States on this most important matter facing the small and delicate economy of Antigua and Barbuda.”

Dr. Ashe is particularly concerned over the fact that not only has the United States ignored the WTO decision, it has actually proposed additional legislation, in the form of the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2005″ and the “Internet Gambling Prohibition Act” which will only increase the tension between the WTO and the countries involved.

“The only solution to this problem is for the U.S. to honor the WTO ruling and stop restricting its citizens from participating in online Agen Bolagambling and sports betting activities by rescinding all non-complying legislation. Any failure to comply could results in worldwide trade sanctions against the USA which will hurt the economy much more than some missed gambling tax revenues ever could.” Marianne said.

As the clock ticks towards the deadline, it remains to be seen how the U.S. government will respond.

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Short-handed Play on สล็อต 888 pg


We’ve all seen it a hundred times. That annoying player who, whenever the game gets short-handed, turns into what appears to be a maniac. He’s betting, he’s raising, he’s re-raising – and completely dominating the game. To the beginner, or to those inexperienced in short-handed play, he appears to have no idea of how to play. You wonder, “What’s he doing raising with K7 สล็อต 888 pg – he must have no idea!” But yet he wins – and wins well. What’s his secret then?

The secret lies in one word: aggression. The short-handed player must – absolutely must – be able to play a solid aggressive game. Whilst you can do well playing passively in a full ring game, where others do the betting for you, when the game gets short-handed (five or less runners), you must be able to change your playing style and be able to bet aggressively hands you wouldn’t even have considered playing in a full game. Unfortunately, if you don’t, the aggressive players will run roughshod over you, controlling the betting to their advantage, and you will find your stack diminishing rapidly.

This is often bad news to poker players, as it takes them out of their comfort zone. However, it is also exciting, fun, full of action and – if one develops and hones the unique skills of short-handed play – can be extremely rewarding. Short-handed games have more variance, which means they have more risk – but with increased risks, come increased rewards.

Playing aggressively encompasses more than simply betting or raising more than you would in a full ring game. It’s about knowing when you have the best hand (remember, in short-handed play, you must lower both your starting hand requirements and the hands you would take to a showdown) – and about taking advantage of those who play too conservatively. You want – through your aggressive betting – to make these people fold at incorrect times and, in doing so, incorrectly give up their equity in the pot. Roughly two out of three times, the flop won’t even give you a pair. The skilled aggressive player realises this, and takes advantage of players who don’t. Skilled aggressive players also know how to determine whether they are in front of their opponents, and thus when to speed up and slow down in their betting.

This may sound relatively simple, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Strong short-handed players are not born, they are made. It’s hard work and it takes dedication and a great deal of practice before you will start reaping the dividends. You will need to be able to take in a great deal more information and, more importantly, you will need to be able to process that information extremely quickly. You must be able to assess your opponent/s styles of play – be they aggressive, passive, loose or tight – keeping in mind there are varying levels of each. Many would consider my play very aggressive, but my play is quite tame compared to that of some of the super-aggressive short-handed players going around. You have to be able to assess your opponents’ styles, and alter your play accordingly. And here’s the tricky bit – you have to be able to do this from one hand to another depending on which opponents you are up against in any particular hand. There is a secondary advantage to be gained from doing this – mixing up your play makes it much harder for your opponents to gauge what you’re trying to do.

Russ Georgiev, one of the most skilled short-handed casino en ligne francaisplayers I have ever had the opportunity to converse with, once gave me this piece of advice:


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The 에볼루션카지law of course applies to the internet gambling too. All the gambling contracts are believed as wagering contracts and hence it is impossible to enforce these contracts in the Indian Contract Act as mentioned above.

If you want to play Cleopatra slots Click here

As already mentioned, internet lottery is very popular type of online gambling in our country. There are many companies distributing and marketing and even conducting government sponsored lotteries via web which are not permitted to sell any kind of services to its customers of places where lotteries are not allowed. In the majority of cases, the distributors and marketers limit the services to the online customers who reside in places where lottery is allowed. However, no cases have been reported under breach of company encouraging online lotteries.

There are many cases where a state has prohibited the lottery of the other states; this also includes the internet lotteries. According to one recent case, Karnataka High Court comes to a conclusion that Karnataka will be a lottery free zone after the imposition of ban on the other states; this also includes the internet lotteries that come under Lotteries Regulation Act, 198.

Enforcement about foreign jurisdictions

If the sites are operated and hosted from outside the country, it would be really difficult for authorities in India to subject any activity either it is regarding the shutting down or banning the access without even the usage if blocking authority under ITA. The Officials have nothing to worry as the foreign laws of India do not allow any kind of remittance that are from outside India for any gambling activity including buying the lottery tickets, or sweepstakes or football pools.


Internet gambling is a very regulated sector with very less occasions to increase. Further, the current regulation makes it even more difficult to host gambling websites and target any particular customers from India.

There are many cases where a state has prohibited the lottery of the other states; this also includes the internet lotteries. According to one recent case, Karnataka High Court comes to a conclusion that Karnataka will be a lottery free zone after the imposition of ban on the other states; this also includes the internet lotteries that come under Lotteries Regulation Act, 198.

Enforcement about foreign jurisdictions

If the sites are operated and hosted from outside the country, it would be really difficult for authorities in India to subject any activity either it is regarding the shutting down or banning the access without even the usage if blocking authority under ITA. The Officials have nothing to worry as the foreign laws of India do not allow any kind of remittance that are from outside India for any gambling activity including buying the lottery tickets, or sweepstakes or football pools.


Internet gambling is a very regulated sector with very less occasions to increase. Further, the current regulation makes it even more difficult to host online poker websites and target any particular customers from India.

You can start an mobile casino blog in order to do all this, for example. This could be the easiest way to do advertising for one of the best internet casinos ever.

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27 Health Tips For Foreign Travel | Skin care rejuvenation near me raleigh nc


When you leave the comfort of your home country and travel to different climates and environments abroad, you risk exposure to diseases and health risks. Diseases that are not prevalent in the US such as malaria, dengue fever, rabies and yellow fever are prevalent in other countries. It’s important that you understand what to do in order to stay healthy during your foreign travel. If you are really health caution and looking for better consulting on “Skin care rejuvenation near me raleigh nc“, please visit “” today.

Vaccinations And Immunizations

Even as you decide on your next destination, do the following:

Check the CDC website for information on prevalent diseases and health outbreaks at your destination

Discuss the list of health risks with your doctor and find out what immunizations and vaccinations you need

Some vaccinations need to be taken several months before travel, so be sure to plan your travel according to your vaccination schedule

If you’re visiting a dengue and malaria prone area, you may need to continually take anti-malarial medication during your travel

Existing Medical Conditions

Understand that you may fall sick while abroad; take precautions in advance. Do the following if you have an existing medical condition:

Take out sufficient travel insurance when you know that you could fall sick during your travel. You want to avoid major medical bills, if possible, or at least obtain reimbursements for medical treatment on foreign shores

Carry sufficient quantity of prescription medications to last the duration of your trip. Don’t presume that you might be able to buy more medications at your destination; you may not get the same brand, or the same dosage elsewhere

When you get to your destination, register with your home country’s embassy and ask them to refer a suitable hospital and doctor for you.

Visit the doctor at the earliest possible and show your most recent medical reports and your medications. Make sure the doctor is available for you if there’s an emergency

If you have any major allergies or if you suffer from diabetes or similar conditions, instruct your hotel management on emergency help

Carry a card in your wallet at all times, listing allergies, if any, especially allergies to medicines.

If you are a diabetic, make sure the hotel management knows what first aid to provide if you have a hypo or hyperglycemic attack. Write down detailed instructions and leave your glucometer on a table where it’s easily visible.

Make sure your travel insurer knows about existing medical conditions if any. This may hike up your premium, but it’s well worth it if you fall sick and need help with bill payment or reimbursement.

If you have any pre-existing medical condition, check with your doctor how the travel, local climate and pollution levels may affect you

Pre-Travel Consultation And Advice

Before traveling, make sure you consult with your doctor and get some pre-travel consultation and advice.

If you are currently pregnant, or if you have had a baby in the last six months, get your doctor’s clearance for travel

If your medical history includes deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, blood disorders, cancer, etc., make sure your doctor clears you for travel.

If you are taking contraceptives for medical reasons or a hormonal medication such as thyroxin, get your doctor to prescribe quantities for your travel duration. Keep copies of the prescription for proof

General Precautions

Before traveling, check if your prescription medication is legal in the country you plan to visit.

Carry your doctor’s letter detailing your previous and present medical history, recommendations for treatments and medical prescriptions

Inform your friends and family of your travel plans and stay in touch with them via phone, online chat and email. This way, if you’re not in touch for a couple of days, they’ll know to contact the local home country embassy and police station.

Put the number for police and emergency services on speed dial on your cell phone.

Always use condoms; buy a few condoms at a time and don’t use old ones. Be sure to check the expiry dates

Learn the local language for existing medical conditions if any and how to call for emergency help. Also know what local medication brands correspond to your prescriptions.

Food and drink safety

If you must eat local food offered by street vendors, sample a little and then wait to see how well your body accepts the food.

Don’t eat too much of anything; sometimes the body is fine with small portions but will balk at large portions of unfamiliar food.

Keep a list of water and food borne diseases in the specific area.

Always boil and filter tap water before drinking. Make sure that the seal is intact on bottled water.

Keep some anti-bacterial wipes handy all the time, and clean your hands often.

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How To Prepare Mentally For Orthopaedic Surgery | tummy tuck near me NYC


As we grow older, all of us see signs of deterioration in our bodies – from grey hair to stiff joints. One of the most common procedures performed to improve the health of people as they grow older is orthopaedic surgery. For Beautiful personality, check out “” for their best consulting on “tummy tuck near me NYC
” today.

Although the surgery is not dealing with anything life threatening, nor is it unsafe, it is perfectly normal for patients to become a little nervous beforehand. Here, we take a quick look at a few of the best ways in which a patient can prepare themselves mentally before going into orthopaedic surgery.

Practical Preparations

Particularly for patients who are heading into hospital to undergo a hip or knee replacement, their doctor is likely to advise them to go extremely easy on that part of the body for some time during recovery. As your replacement joint begins to heal, this can be easy to forget.

The best way in which to ensure that you don’t overdo it and undo all of your doctor’s good work is to plan a few changes around the house before the surgery. Installing a stair lift or thinking about a solution regarding any stairs in your property is one possible course of action, or you could simply move your bedroom to the ground floor as a temporary measure.

For at least several weeks, driving will also be out of the question. Think ahead and do your best to secure rides with friends or family for any important dates you have in the near future.

Simply Relax

As we’ve already mentioned, orthopaedic surgery is not something which deals with life threatening diseases. Orthopaedic surgeons have been trained specifically in their area, making this one of the safest and straightforward surgeries out there today.

It is common practice for doctors to administer whatever level of anaesthetic the patients requires, or wishes. This ensures that the experience will not be at all traumatic and everything will be perfectly set up to run as smoothly as you could imagine.

The only thing you have to prepare yourself for is taking it easy after your operation. You may also like to spare a thought for how fantastic you’ll feel when your surgery has healed and you have returned to fighting fitness. Orthopaedic surgery is actually an extremely positive aspect of health care – the procedures are straightforward, the risks are low, and the end result makes a huge and positive difference to the patient’s life.

Arrive For Your Surgery Early and Well Prepared

Going in to your operation, you’ll want to feel as relaxed as you possibly can. One key factor which can help you in this respect is to avoid any last minute rushes. Make an effort to arrive at the hospital with plenty of time to spare. This will ensure that the process of checking in is one which is completely free of stress, giving you the best possible start.

To help put your mind at rest, it’s also a good idea to pack a small bag to bring along with you. If you’re staying overnight you’ll want a few essential bits and bobs (toothbrush, clothing etc), and something to keep you entertained, such as a book. Having these items around you will help make you comfortable and instantly put you at ease.


A New “Declaration of Independence” in Healthcare | chemical peel near me costa mesa


The ill-named U.S. “healthcare system” (its almost entirely sickness care) is mainly focusing on building new facilities, acquiring new technologies, and improving the quality of care for the expected “boom” in “boomers” seeking sickness care in coming years.  At the same time, most of the other stakeholders in our current system are working toward reducing the very increase in the incidence/prevalence of disease that providers are counting on. Recommendations by “” for “chemical peel near me costa mesa

Employers are striving to improve the health of their workforces, with as many as three-quarters of them already offering some kind of wellness and risk reduction programs, and offering incentives for employees to become healthier.  Insurers have been focused primarily on managing existing chronic diseases, but are expanding into wellness and risk reduction to make employer clients happy and to achieve longer-term reductions in healthcare costs.  Governments seem behind the curve somewhat, since they deal mainly with unemployed populations and diseases or conditions such as pregnancy that must be managed well.

But there are others involved, industries and individual firms that are “betting on the come” in proactive health and disease management as a booming market to be.  It was not long ago that the “healthy living” or “wellness” markets were predicted to reach $1 trillion in size – by 2023 in one case [P. Pilzer The Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next TRILLION DOLLAR Industry New York, NY, John Wiley & Sons 2023] or 2020 in another [T. Haws “The New ‘Healthy Living’ Marketplace” Hospitals & Health Networks Online, Jan 25, 2023]

Retail clinics, for example, are venturing into proactive health and prevention, such as the RediClinics with both “Get Well” and a “Stay Well” service lines. The largest “concierge medicine” organization, MDVIP devotes roughly as much attention to proactive health improvement with its patients as it does to treating sickness.  And it has achieved from 30 to 90% reductions in sickness care use among its patients.

Revolution Health, with its subscription health information service, and Healthwise, Inc. with its prevention and self-help publications, are other examples of organizations working to shift the system’s focus toward wellness.  U.S. Preventive Medicine, Inc. is lining up hospitals as locations for Preventive Medicine Centers for individual consumers, and The Prevention Plan for employers and their employees.  It has two hospital organizations signed up already.

There is already a major proactive health management (PHM) industry, mainly serving employers and insurers, and hundreds of thousands, in some cases, millions of consumers.  While disease management vendors keep running into government studies that cast doubt on the cost effectiveness of their efforts, thousands of large employers are already investing in PHM in order to gain reductions in sickness care, workers compensation and disability costs, increases in worker productivity and performance, and many other positive economic benefits they are finding related to healthier employees.

Joining these stakeholders are technology firms, engaged in developing and marketing products and services that make PHM more cost effective through the use of the latest computer and communications technologies.  PHM vendors that rely on these technologies instead of in-person visits or phone communications can often deliver similar cost savings and other benefits at one-tenth the cost or less.

More recently, Intel Corp. announced its vision of “Personal Health” that involves what is effectively a new Declaration of Independence for consumers.  This vision revolves around a decentralized, distributed model where true “health” care is integrated into the places where people live their lives, not in a centralized model based on hospitals and physician offices.

It envisions a shift from episodic treatment of sickness to continuous management of health and chronic diseases by empowering people to do most of the work themselves.  It supports this empowerment by developing and offering products and services that enable consumers and their families to play a more active role in managing their health and their care, and connecting them to providers via “place-free” combinations of electronic health records and remote communications and monitoring technologies.

Its Digital Health Group is specifically charged with developing new technologies that will support this shift toward proactive health in consumers’ own homes and workplaces.  This will, in turn, enable continuous, lifetime pursuit and protection of health and wellness, and of the independence, convenience, and quality of life that can be achieved thereby.  It has already developed a center of Technology Research for Independent Living to improve the social health community and engagement among seniors to detect and prevent falls, and promote independence even among those suffering from memory loss.

It is seeking to realize this vision through inclusion of government, industry and academia, along with providers and consumers, starting with imagining better ways to prevent and manage disease. Through ethnographic observation of patients, nurses, and patients in their homes, hospitals and offices, new and better ways to make continuous, coordinated health and disease management more attractive, convenient, and cost-effective can be discovered. [S. Love “Intel in Health Care” Backgrounder, 2023 ]

This new “independence” will emerge through protecting and improving the health of people, so that the incidence and prevalence of disease and injury will decline, and fewer will be made dependent by chronic conditions they cannot control by themselves.  It will be enhanced by improved and more affordable disease management for those already made dependent by chronic conditions, reducing their dependence on sickness care, and on providers as the sole source of management support.  And it will include reduced dependence on providers for a large portion of both health and sickness care, as home- and work-based technologies enable people to get the support they need where they are, instead of having to go to providers’ places.

What the overall effect of the kinds of developments that are already underway, and Intel as well as others envision, will only be learned as the new technologies and current efforts begin to pay off.  It certainly represents a dual challenge to traditional healthcare providers – 1) to predict how it might affect the future growth in sickness care demand they are now counting on; and 2) to make choices about whether and how to become active participants in this new declaration of independence, rather than leave it to others.


Cure Acne Naturally | Laser treatments Delray Beach


While Acne is certainly not life-threatening, it could possibly possess a damaging subconscious impact on it is young individual. For the quite time of your health, if you are extra-conscious regarding your seems and would like to easily fit in, being notable out there by simply pimple can be very tough to accept. Teens using zits tend to be prone to depression and frequently display weak self-esteem and a general not enough assurance. For Beautiful personality, check out “” for their best consulting on “Laser treatments Delray Beach today.

The large likelihood associated with Pimples are the explanation there are so many skin products on the market, designed to battle and treatment the idea.

Trust aspirin-if your skin layer can breakout and it’s giving you head aches, as opposed to anyone ingesting pain killers permit skin contain it. Discomfort consists of acetyl-salicylic chemical p, ‘beta’ Hydroxy Acidity, widely used within cosmetics as it is in a position to lose skin tone cells hence blocking the blocking associated with microscopic holes.

Formula: Crush around a half dozen aspirins and hang many multani mitti in it. Sprinkle falls regarding flower drinking water along with darling. Blend jointly as well as apply it for the area affected. Apply it to the particular nasal area if you want to eliminate persistent blackheads. This particular mask performs magic regarding acne and zits.Preparing soda-Baking soft drinks is an alkaline chemical in which gets rid of away acne-causing bacterias on the epidermis which enable it to be part of a new hide to help remedy zits onto the skin.

Recipe ingredients: To produce a preparing soft drink cover up, combine 2 to 3 tablespoons of. regarding preparing your recipe soft drink with plenty of h2o for the smooth stick to make. This substance should be spread more than moistened pores and skin, as well as able to keep on being right now there for approximately 5 minutes, next washed with domestic hot water. You can use a preparing your recipe soda cover up to take care of acne breakouts approximately 3 times a week.

Try calamine-Put a number of calamine ointment upon acne. It dries out pimples and helps take away surgical marks caused by acne.Normal face lifts- natural face lifts won’t offer you everlasting approaches to sagging skin pores and skin, but they will definitely benefit the skin’s revitalization. They will reduce the fine lines’ physical appearance as well as even your skin if  utilized on a regular basis.

Elements as elementary as ” lemon ” as well as egg may renew see your face away from perception.Teas Tree Oil, Natural aloe vera, Zinc oxide, in addition to Vit a are a couple of natural items that are actually utilized on many achievement for stopping Acne. A word of warning concerning ‘natural’ natural skin care products. They often times consist of specified substances for upkeep uses. Many of these is probably not a good idea available for you should you be expectant or perhaps have specific specific wellness factors. Mentioned previously, it is best to talk to your personal doctor prior to beginning any therapies.

Tea’s Sapling Oil

Herbal tea Pine Fat can be obtained from the particular Melaleuca alternifoliais shrub coming from Sydney. It is quite efficient against Zits mainly because it contains bacteria-fighting substances called Terpenes. Acne breakouts can be generally caused by microorganisms as well as the Terpenes possibly downright kill all of them or become weak these people plenty of to be damaged simply by protecting antibodies. You’ll find almost no uncomfortable side effects from using Green tea Tree Acrylic.

Aloe Vera

The actual watering solution coming from Natural aloe vera place can be another impressive treat towards Acne. The enzyme-rich serum has quite relaxing anti-inflammatory and also anti-bacterial components. It is also considered in the camera so helping clear in addition to cleansing the digestive tract. Thus can help clear up your skin.

Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide will be drawn in the sort of pills. It may help to boost a person’s body’s defense mechanisms also to restore your skin layer.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A capsules can also be an organic and powerful Pimples treat. Vit a promotes balanced skin tone.Vitamin E

Vitamin e antioxidant also helps in countering Zits. It is a natural de-oxidizing and good for your skin layer. Vitamin E can be purchased in soft gelatin supplements that incorporate Vitamin e d-alpha, Soy bean Oil, Glycerin, and also Drinking water.


Plastic Surgery For Your Face | Age Spot treatment near me Hallandale Beach


Do you wish for having a makeover?.If so, you probably should consider having a plastic surgery facelift done.It is a way to erase years off your face and make you feel 100% better about yourself.This makes you achieve something that you could not achieve before because of your poor image and thus helps you developing your self-esteem. In you are interested in learning about “Age Spot treatment near me Hallandale Beach“, visit this website– today.

Everyone’s skin starts to wrinkle and sometimes sag as the aging process progresses.This is something that can’t be avoided and each person experiences it differently.Your nose and mouth areas get deep fissures with the growing age.Your jaw may start to look saggy also.Lifestyle, genetics and weight of the individual are the reasons behind it.You can feel much better by getting a facelift surgery done which helps you hiding the natural occurrence of such things.You should also try to read about plastic surgery tips.

You can have your entire face done including reshaping your nose or forehead.If you wish to have a better eyelids then you can even get it done through facelift surgery.The choice of taking a painkiller during the surgery is up to you.You can be semi-awake while you are sedated or you can be completely asleep with a general anesthesia.

Small cuts are made by the surgeon on many parts of your face area likewise behind your ears, right above your hairline and the scalp’s lower portion. Your surgeon might get the fatty tissues inside your skin while doing the surgery.He may remove it and/or lift some of it upwards.He even tightens your excess muscles and tissues by removing the excess skin on your face area.He may even suck few of the fats deposited on your skin by a process called “liposuction”.After the facelift surgery is over, your surgeon will stitch your wounds.

Plastic surgery facelift also has few risks similar to any other surgery.You may experience mild to severe bleeding during and after the procedure.Your wounds get even become infectious.Some people develop serious hematomas under their skin and may require additional surgery to remove them.Medicines has to be taken to reduce the pain of the surgery.

If you want a plastic surgery and after photo, guaranteed to be the most beautiful of you ever,Get awesome tips to undergo Cosmetic surgery . We are here to provide some best plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery guides.


Men: Healthy Skin=Close Smooth Shave | Micro blading Chattanooga


Ok, guys.  I’m talking to you today.  You want healthy skin and you want a better shave, right?  Here’s the key- improve your skin routine, and you’ll improve your shaving results. Here’s the other key -improve your shaving routine and you’ll improve your skin results.  They both go hand in hand. In you are interested in learning about “Micro blading Chattanooga“, visit this website– today.

Odds are, you are neglecting one or the other, skin routine or shaving routine, or both and that’s where your difficulties lie. If you’ll address your skin condition (i.e. oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blemish-prone skin) your shaving will be easier and less painful.  If you address your shaving techniques (i.e. what blade you use, what cream you use, what aftershave treatment you use) your skin will be smoother, softer, and healthier than ever.

Let’s start with addressing your skin condition.  Everyone, men and women alike, need to treat their skin with a basic regimen that includes a botanical based cleanser that contains an exfolliant, and a moisturizer that contains a broad spectrum sunscreen (minimum 15 spf).  Use formulas specifically for your skin condition.

If you have sensitive skin, which means you have to repair your skin’s lipid barrier, you will have to address that condition first, and then move on to treat oiliness, dryness, or blemishes.  Once the barrier is healed, your skin will be less sensitive.  You will then be able to use the appropriate skin care products that will help you manage your other concerns.

Your sensitive skin can be caused by many things, but primarily it will be caused from your shaving techniques – the wrong beard prep, the wrong blade, or the wrong after shave product, or all of the above.  You know you have sensitive skin when it tends to turn pink or red, or stings or burns when you apply products to it.

The good news is you can repair your sensitivity!  Try using botanical based products that contain some over the counter strength medicines, which are gentle but effective.  The gentle cleanser can also be used as your shaving cream.

Changing your shaving techniques will do wonders to improving your skin conditions.  The first thing I’m going to recommend is you go back to shaving the way your grandfather did.  I’m happy to report wet shaving techniques are making a big comeback because they are healthier, cheaper and greener!

Start with lots of heat and steam – shave right out of the shower, when your skin and beard have been softened and the pores are opened.  Then, get rid of your  lightweight, multiple blade razor, and that big aerosol can of chemically laden shaving cream.  They are costing way too much, and they are wrecking your skin.

Your shaving razor needs to be heavy enough so you won’t have to apply too much pressure to get the close shave that you want.  When you apply too much pressure, you are removing the top layer of your skin in addition to the beard, thus, the razor burn and ingrown hairs.  Those double, triple, and even quadruple blades – YIKES!  They are wreaking havoc on your skin.  You are damaging your skin every time you use them.

It’s time, men, to go back to the double edge, adjustable safety razor, that has some weight to it.  The replacement blades are recyclable and cheap, but better yet, they will not damage your skin. Replace the blade, at minimum, weekly.

Find yourself a botanical based cleanser, that you can lather up with a nice badger hair shaving brush.  This brush will last your entire life!  Here’s an excellent website to learn more about wet shaving and how to get started.

After shaving, it’s time to really pamper your skin.  Don’t ever use products containing alcohol after shaving, no need to feel the pain after shaving to feel all manly.  A good natural skin soother is an alum block – a clear crystal that you smooth all over the skin after shaving to soothe the skin.  Follow up with a natural fragrance if you like.


Recognize the Symptoms of Heart Disease | Hyperpigmentation treatment webster tx


If we look at the facts, then heart disease is the number one disease that causes death in United States. The recent studies on heart disease have shown that around 2.4 million people in U.S die due to cardiovascular disease. In most of the cases, people are not aware of the ways to prevent themselves from heart attack. Simply knowing about what are the symptoms of heart disease would assist in seeking early medical help and it will automatically reduce the risk of death due to this disease. So, let us go through main symptoms of heart disease and what should be done if you ever experience them in life? We recommend you to check out this website–  to learn about their “Hyperpigmentation treatment webster tx” services.

The main symptoms of hypertensive heart disease include Angina (chest pain), numbness and tingling (If your face or arms get numb then it is a sign of arteries damage or blockage), breathlessness (face any kind of problem in breathing or respiratory system), dizziness (feeling dizzy is a sign of cardiovascular disease) and weakness. Heart Disease is a very crucial condition and if you face any of the above symptoms then immediately see a doctor. Explain what you are feeling clearly so that doctor can diagnose the problem as soon as possible. Getting late in diagnosing the problem can lead to serious damage. To know more about the symptoms of heart disease in details, simply browse through They have given info on heart disease which can help in preventing yourself from any kind of risk.

How Does Ischaemic Heart Disease Occur?

What do you know about Ischaemic heart disease? Do you know it can be a silent killer for women? Yes, Ischaemic heart disease which is also called as the coronary disease is not just for males but is a silent killer for women. People have a belief that Ischaemic heart disease is only found in men but recent studies have shown that even the women are susceptible to this disease. When the women reach menopausal age this disease works as a faster risk for women.

Different symptoms are found in both the sexes as far as this disease is concerned. Men time and again complaint about the indication of heart attack, for example, left arm ache or neck ache and sometimes heavy feeling in chest. Whereas, in women, it is said that they feel weak, shaky, and nauseous or many times they do not feel good at all. There is no doubt in the fact that women are found to be more prone to heart attacks as compared to men. As per studies, it is also found that women get more number of second heart attacks than in men. So, whether you are men or women, if you face any of the above symptoms in your body, then immediately see a professional doctor because you might be taking risk with your life. Telling your doctor what exactly you feel would be really helpful in avoiding risks of Ischaemic heart disease.