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Situs Judi DominoQQ Online merupakan permainaan yang memang terpercaya paling populer di Indonesia saat ini.

DominoQQ adalah permainan yang memang sudah terkenal dari jaman dulu.

Nama permainan ini lebih di kenal masyarakat dengan sebutan QiuQiu.


Banyak juga para member dan pemain yang masih bingung saat mencari situs Qiuqiu dan yang di temukan malah siitus Domino99 atau Situs DominoQQ.

Sebenar nya semua sama saja ,alangkah baik nya coba bertanya pada Cs atau coba masuk saja di game nya dan liat sendiri permainan nya gmn .


Dengan melihat sendiri pasti nya kita tau permainan apa itu yang di mainkan.

DominoQQ memang banyak sebutan namanya jadi jangan heran banyak nama lain yang mungkin tidak pernah di dengar.

Tiap daerah tiap kelompok masyarakat sering memberi nama berbeda sekuka hati mereka yang menurut mereka cocok.

Tapi nama resmi permainan Qiuqiu adalah Domino99.



DominoQQ atau Domino99 memang kini menjadi keluaran hk populer sekali sejak bisa di mainkan secara online permainan DominoQQ semakin viral dan mendunia.

Berbagai permainan populer lain nya seperti BandarQ Online dan Situs Poker Online juga kini sudah kalah populer nya dengan Situs DominoQQ Online.


Permainan DominoQQ Online memang memiliki sensasi berbeda saat di mainkan .

Tidak perlu bergantung pada kartu yang bagus untuk bisa menang di permainan DominoQQ ini.

Skil dan teknik bermain yang sangat menentukan kemenangan bermain di DominoQQ Online tersebut.


Bila di permainan lain kita tidak memiliki peran menang kalah dan hanya bergantung pada kartu saja ,maka DominoQQ akan memberikan kesan menang yang berbeda saat kita dapat kartu jelek tapi bisa menang.

Ya di sinilah seru nya permainan DominoQQ bila kita bandingkan dengan permainan Situs Judi Online lain nya .


PlayerQQ Situs DominoQQ Terpercaya

PlayerQQ , ya Situs Judi Online yang satu ini memang sudah sangat populer dan terkenal sebagai Situs Judi Terpopuler di Indonesia.

Bagaimana tidak di tampilan gogle saja di semua kata kunci kita bisa menemukan Situs PlayerQQ.

Mau cari apa ? Situs Domino99 ? Situs Poker ? Situs BandarQ ? Situs Judi ? semua nya PlayerQQ muncul di halaman Google.


Kategori Populer itu bukan hanya isapan jempol belaka, Gogle sendiri telah mereview Situs PlayerQQ memang sangat layak untuk jadi Situs Judi Terbaik dan paling populer di banding Situs Judi lain nya.

PlayerQQ sendiri juga sangat terkenal akan permainan DominoQQ terpercaya nya.


Permainan Situs DominoQQ di PlayerQQ memiliki rating kemenangan yang sangat tinggi .

80-90% adalah persentase kemenangan di permainan DominoQQ yang sudah banyak member merasakan nya sendiri.

Banyak Jutawan tercipta di permainan DominoQQ PlayerQQ yang hanya di mulai dengan deposit puluran ribu rupiah saja.


Untuk menang di permainan DominoQQ Online kita bisa bermain dengan menggunakan trik dan tips dari Situs Judi .

Situs Judi akan berbagi tips agar para pemain dan memberdi PlayerQQ bisa menang dengan mudah.

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To us the term video poker seems obvious enough, but for those newer to casino gambling, you might just be wondering “What the heck is video poker, anyhow?”


As the name implies video poker is a casino game that combines the skills of poker with video slot machine fun.


It’s a fast paced game that’s simple to learn, easy to play and offers the potential for big winnings.


While there are many elements of traditional poker involved in playing the game, the main difference is that when playing video poker, you are playing against the dealer exclusively (as opposed to playing against other players).


This means you have to consider strategy a little less, as you only have to worry about the dealer’s cards versus your own. There’s no bluffing involved either. It’s just your hand against the dealer’s hand, which means if you have a good hand and play your cards right, you can easily win.


Some of our more popular video poker games include Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, and Joker Poker (to name but a few). They all offer fun themes and great graphics on your way to winning jackpots.


So if you’re a Titan Casino member and coming from online reviews in Singapore  and looking for something new, give our video poker games a go. If you haven’t created an account yet, make sure to download Titan Casino today to get started making your fortune playing online video poker.




One player’s fantasy of an Arabian Night came true playing our enthralling Desert Treasure video slot machine game.


On February 8th, Maria U of Italy won €46,350 playing Desert Treasure online slots. She not only got to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, with a huge payoff at the end, but she also gets to join our illustrious Winners list.


While your odds of winning are just as good playing any one of our slot machine games, it’s always fun to try a hot machine, hoping the latest winner’s luck will rub off.


Desert Treasure is a 5 reel, 20 payline Arabian Nights themed online slot machine game that takes place between hidden desert oases and golden pyramids. This seductively beautiful backdrop is the perfect place to uncover hidden treasures and make all your dreams come true.


The wild symbol in this game, appropriately, is the king cobra. That means the king cobra can substitute for any other symbol in the game to complete a winning combination.


The Arabian princess also plays a mighty role in uncovering your Desert Treasure, serving as the game’s scatter symbol. Three or more princess symbols activate the Free Spin Bonus Round game.


Other symbols include the compass as the bonus symbol (which can trigger the Pick a Prize Bonus Feature game), an oasis, a camel and more.


Desert Treasure is also a Dollar Ball game, which means you have an extra chance to win each time you play.


Who knew the desert had so many hidden treasures? Go out and claim some for yourself. All it takes is a spin of the reels.


2008 Poker Stars APPT Syndey Begins Play Generasitogel This Week.



The 2008 PokerStars APPT Syndey has gotten underway over at Star City in Australia.  The Main Event will feature well over the 561 players that showed up for last year’s Main Event, and with 4 days of intense poker ahead of this year’s field, it will undoubtedly have its fair share of action and intensity.  Add to the fact that each of the players will start with $20k in chips, this tournament should see a ton of clay being passed around on the green felt – and that’s just after the first day.


Tons of Team PokerStars members will be partaking in this year’s APPT, including Australia’s native son and WSOP Main Event champ Joe Hachem, Vanessa Rousso, and Chad Brown.  Many internet qualifiers and recent EPT champions will also be gracing the seats, along with a fair amount of local pros.  Festivities were already underway last week with several smaller tournaments coming to fruition; all of which have led up to the championship that is now being played as we speak.


We’ll keep you all posted here at PokerNewsGuru of the final results of this star-studded tournament.


Double Or Nothing SNG’s Prove To Be A PokerStars Hit!


PokerStars recent introduction of ‘Double or Nothing’ Sit N Go tournaments, in which half of the 10-player fields double their buy-in, has proven to be surprisingly popular choice.


With games starting several times each minute, and a wide range of buy-in levels to choose from – Double or Nothing SNGs are attracting a wide audience ranging from recreational players through to online ‘pro grinders’.


Buy-in levels start at just $1 and move through $5, $10 and $20 to the higher stakes $50 and $100 games. Two speeds are available, the ‘Turbo’ versions having 5 minute blind levels compared to the 10 minute levels in the standard games. The turbo games have a smaller fee and last an average of 25 minutes compared to 40 minutes for the non-turbo versions.


Sit and Go Strategy for these Generasitogel games revolves around the ‘bubble’ when there are 6 players remaining with 5 getting paid. Since chip-stacks are small compared to the blinds at this point, good players must determine whether they can profitably push all-in or call opponents ‘pushes’ with their hands. One or more ‘short-stacks’ at the table will usually result in very tight play, since as soon as they bust all of the remaining players are awarded the prize.


Check out this PokerStars Review today, and you can find out for yourself just what makes this the world’s most popular online poker site while profiting from the Double or Nothing SNGs. Use Bonus Code FIRST2008 to claim your 100% to $50 bonus.



Togel Singapore

Detailed Rating Criteria for Togel Singapore



Here you will find in detail the methods and criteria that we use to review the online casinos that you will find on this site. The most important factors are our industry knowledge and the working relationships that we have with online gambling operators.


We test and evaluate all casino operators in accordance with the evaluation criteria set out below, this is where our own playing experience of using online casinos proves invaluable.


The basic criteria for selecting good online casinos include, software partners, reliability, licensing country, financial backing, stable and secure ownership, website layout and usability, games selection, years in operation, industry reports, sign up bonuses, speed of cash in processing, customer service levels, security and privacy, wagering activity, audit trails of financial transactions and a clear explanation of game rules and terms and conditions. It is not appropriate to evaluate a casino on any one of these criteria, they all need to used!!!




Every online casino licences its software from a vendor, some are better than others. We only recommend online casinos using the Cryptologic, Playtech, Random Logic and Microgaming platforms. The providers of these platforms not only offer secure, high quality, reliable software, they also screen their operators and enforce strict audit controls.


Financial Backing and Years in Operation


We only recommend online casinos that have been in operation for three years or more. In our experience we have come to realise that if an online casino can remain in business longer than 3 years, it more likely to remain trading. Three years is also long enough for dishonest casinos to reveal their tactics!


The online casino also has to be owned and operated by a gaming company with a good reputation that is well known in the marketplace. We never recommend casinos where there are doubts about the people involved.


Fairness, Security and Privacy.


Casinos recommended by Casino Chip Tips support 128 bit digital encryption and must publish their payout percentages monthly. The payout percentages have to be audited by an external company.


Country of Operation


Online casinos base themselves all of the world, in over 70 countries! Not many of these countries enforce rules that protect players. We only recommend the online casinos that are based in the following countries.


United Kingdom and Isle of Man


New Zealand

Kanawhake, Mohawk Territory, Canada

Antigua and Barbuda

Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Costa Rica does not have a great reputation but is cleaning up its act. We only recommend Sci Fi and Breakaway Casino from this country.

Independent Audits


Land based casinos in most countries are subject to strict audit requirements. Things can be a little bit different online because of the geographical boundaries that online casinos cover, however in the more reputable Togel Singapore countries (as listed above) there is a legal requirement for casinos to be audited independently by companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers who analyze software integrity, hardware stability and payout percentages.


Cash In Processing


This is a critical aspect of online gambling and it must be responsive. Cash in processes that take longer than 48 hours are unacceptable. The process should be clear and easy to understand and must not be subject to onerous terms and conditions. Cash in processing is one of the most contentious issues in the industry, at Casino Chip Tips we make it our business to expose bad practice in this area.


Customer Service


Good customer service is essential, a casino with bad customer service is not an option. The best online casinos work very hard to continuously improve their customer service as players are becoming increasingly demanding. Things to look out for are 24×7 service and a variety of contact methods. It is easy to tell if the operator is a true world class service organization, and nothing else is acceptable!


Payout Percentages


This is important, payout percentages should be reviewed by independent auditors monthly and published on the casinos website. If this information is not published on the casinos website then find another casino where it is.


We will remove any casinos from our site that consistently post low payout percentages.


Industry Associations


The industry bodies that online casinos belong to such as the IGC (Independent Gaming Commission) and eCOGRA (e-Commerce Gaming Regulation Association – an an initiative by PriceWaterhoueCoopers and Microgaming) offer an insight into how willing the casino operator is to abide by strict codes of conduct. We believe there is not yet a truly effective industry body, but membership does signal an intention on the part of the casino to be transparent.


Finally, trust your instinct. If you are not comfortable with the casino, if the terms and conditions are difficult to understand, move on, there are plenty of great casinos out there.



Togel Hongkong

Is it possible to win Togel Hongkong at Slots?



It’s usually confusing to make a decision upon what slot machine to play at. If you have a look around a casino you will see scores of various gambling machines. Those bright colors and jackpot advertisements make a player hesitate.


One of the most frequently asked questions is if it’s possible to beat slot machines or not. After reading the answer below you’ll have a clear image of how to get more chances to win.


So, is it possible to win at Slot machines?


Of course it is. Don’t think of winning at slots as of something improbable. People do win and some of them win a lot. The only thing you need to know control the gaming process. Basically slot machines always pay back. However a percentage of the payout varies according to different casinos’ terms. At some casinos the percentage is 75, at others 83. Even a 75 percentage is favorable for a player. He can easily hit a round sum and quit a casino a winner. And yes, as for the quit. One of the basic Togel Hongkong strategies of Slots is to leave a casino when you get the upper hand. If all the money you have is $100 don’t try to double this amount and leave the game winning $25. It’s not bags of money, but still, you can just enjoy the atmosphere, watch other players and memorize the machines that pay out more than others.


How to play Slots


The history of Slot machines goes back to San Francisco 1887. The founder of the first slot machine “ “Liberty Bell” was Charles Fay.


The process of the game.


First of all a player needs some coins to be inserted into a slot machine. There’s a handle on the right side a slot machine to that a player must pull to activate it. A player keeps an eye on the screen and after the machine stops he compares the combination on the screen with the schedule of winning combinations.


A button instead of a handle can be found on some machines. The button is named as “spin”. A player pushes in to make the reels turn. When the player hits some winning combination, coins are paid off. There is a chance to push the button called “credit” that is on some modern machines. That means that instead of paying off coins a slot machine will credit winnings to a special credit meter. Thus the player can go spinning the reels unless he wants to leave the game. Each time the player spins the reel the amount of coins on the credit meter reduces. After pressing the button “play one coin” the machine will let you know your “coin is accepted” on the screen.


There is always a limited number of coins the machine accepts. If the number is 5, then you can press the button “play five coins”, if it’s 4, there is the button “play four coins”.


The rules of Slots are based on the reels spinning and stopping at a certain combination.


Online slot machines, slot machines tips, slots.



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US Congressman Wants Anti-Gambling Ban Revoked



US Democrat Barney Frank is considering a bill to repeal last year’s anti-gambling legislation according to a spokesperson for the congressman, who chairs the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.


Frank’s office confirmed that he was considering legislation, but added he had not drafted thebill and had no timetable for legislation.


According to the UK’s Financial Times newspaper, Frank called the law the ’stupidest ever passed’ and wrote on his website: “I am working on legislation to cut back on this Internet gambling thing.


“I think it’s preposterous… maybe we can make some money off it,’ he added.


CryptoLogic Temporarily De-Lists Stock Shares


CryptoLogic, a leading e-gaming software developer and supplier catering to the online casino, poker and bingo market, has applied to de-list its shares from the Toronto Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, and the


Official List of the UK Listing Authority. It will also cancel trading in its shares on the London Stock Exchange’s EEA Regulated Market.


The move follows the company’s decision to relocate its headquarters from Canada to Dublin, Ireland to be nearer to its large European customer base.


A new parent company, CryptoLogic Ltd, is expected to be listed on the TSX, NASDAQ, and UK Official List in June, according to a company release on


Democrat Barney Frank Files Bill to Repeal UIGEA


Finally, someone from the Congress steps up to the plate and files a bill to repudiate Bush and the Republicans’ stupid law – the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).


Just six months after President Bush signed a law outlawing online gambling, a key Democratic politician has proposed lifting the ban.


Rep. Barney Frank, a Democrat from Massachusetts and chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, on Thursday introduced a bill that would replace the current broad prohibition with strict regulations, including criminal background checks and financial disclosure, imposed on companies that seek to offer legal Internet gambling.


“The existing legislation is an inappropriate interference on the personal freedom of Americans and this interference should be undone,” Frank said. His bill is called the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (PDF).


Last year’s legislation tried to eliminate many forms of online gambling by targeting Internet service providers and financial intermediaries, namely banks and credit card companies that process payments to offshore Web sites.


Those sites included ones like Bodog Sportsbook, Casino and Poker of Costa Rica. Estimates typically put Internet gambling revenue at more than $12 billion a year.


The bill never received a formal up-or-down vote in the entire Congress. Instead, Republican congressional leaders have been criticized for gluing it onto an unrelated port security bill. The Senate unanimously approved the port security measure and it cleared the House of Representatives with only two dissenting votes.


Frank argues that because nearly all states already permit some form of traditional gambling–including lotteries, betting on horse and greyhound racing, and sports wagering–the federal government should legalize and regulate the online  togel hongkong equivalents. Instead of a blanket legalization, his legislation would require the Treasury Department to police the industry and ensure that it takes adequate steps to identify minors and compulsive gamblers.




Crypto Gambling

BTCC Joins OKCoin to Resume Bitcoin Withdrawals in China; Trading Volumes Up in Crypto Gambling



Make Money Using Bitcoin Faucets

The months-long bitcoin withdrawal freeze in China is coming to an end, as major exchange BTCC resumes bitcoin withdrawals.


The new month brings with it reports of another prominent exchange lifting its withdrawal freeze. BTCChina has stated that it has begun “testing” bitcoins this week. In joining OKCoin, that’s two of the ‘big three’ Chinese exchanges resuming withdrawals following regulatory scrutiny by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC).


China’s central bank began investigating trading and business practices of regional exchanges that drove what was then the world’s largest bitcoin trading market. It was nearly six months ago on January 6 when PBoC officials met with BTCC and followed it up with “on-site checks” of China’s biggest exchanges.


For its part, BTCC claimed it “regularly meets with the PBOC” to work in accordance of laws and regulations while adhering to “strict AML/KYC policies”. It wasn’t long before the financial regulator’s tightening squeeze was felt in the Chinese bitcoin ecosystem. Exchanges stopped margin trading completely and enforced trading fees in January alone.


Come February, OKCoin and Huobi paused bitcoin withdrawals, a temporary measure that was expected to last a month at the time. BTCC followed suit and halted withdrawals a week later. The freeze continued through March, with BTCC stating that withdrawals would only resume after regulatory approval.


In mid-May, CCN reported that the months-long PBOC’s inspection of exchanges was coming to an end. Withdrawals were to be expected in June, with rumors of ‘punitive’ penalties to be imposed on bitcoin exchanges. Details of the punishments, if any, are currently unknown.


Prominent Chinese cryptocurrency news source cnLedger confirmed BTCC resuming withdrawals.


The impact on Chinese markets has been telling. Having accounted for 10% of the world’s bitcoin trading early on Wednesday, news of OKCoin allowing withdrawals spurred investor activity to nearly 20% of the world’s trading volumes on the day.


On Thursday, following BTCC’s announcement, Crypto Gambling trading in Chinese markets is now at nearly 25% of the global market over a 24-hour period.



Pengeluaran HK

Benefits of online Pengeluaran HK gambling



People get used to making such a fuss of gambling in traditional casinos, which sometimes disturbs you from your main goal – to get fun and earn money. Let’s say you’ve decided to go out in the downtown to gamble. In order to accomplish it, you have to choose convenient for you time, get dressed and set off. You know that in order to be let in, your suit should fit in with a dress code. That means that your business suit or a dress must be just shining.If you don’t have anything of that kind in your wardrobe you’ll be most likely out of the casino before you even enter it.


Moreover, a player has to choose a proper casino to gamble at. What if there are no casinos in his town and he’ll have to go to nearby towns and search for something to their liking there? It’s not an easy job to go all way round the casinos deciding on which is the best. But why would one choose the hardest way, when it’s possible to play the same games and many more others in online casinos? Due to the advent of the Internet gambling has become easily available and more fun.


Today online Pengeluaran HK casinos are popular with thousands of players. It’s true that some time ago, when online games just settled in casinos, you could have some complications. Nowadays the service in online casinos is of high quality, everything’s meant to save you from any possible inconveniences.


Online casinos generally provide players with following features:


  • There is no fixed place for playing; you are free to choose any place you like, whether it’s your home, office or a friend’s house. The only thing you’ll need is an Internet access. Online gambling is performed through the Internet, either by playing games from online casino sites directly or by downloading them on your computer and launching them from it.


  • Any time is perfect as long as you are willing to play. Play in the morning, at daytime or at night, you’ll always be welcome. With a wide range of online casinos you can even choose the time that can be favorable for you.


  • Online casinos tend to compete in best bonus offers, that’s why some casinos that offer $100 bonuses or even higher have appeared on the Internet. Wouldn’t you like to receive 100 dollars just for becoming a member of an online casino?


  • Information about best or often visited casinos is always available online. There are thousands of casino reviews and descriptions. Besides, people discuss their gambling experience on casino forums, where you can participate as well.


Winning strategies for tournaments


In the previous article I mentioned that usual strategies you use at casinos can’t be good for tournaments. However, if there are a few casino games such as blackjack or some other game, which basic strategy has no point to be changed, then follow the strategy. Nevertheless, there’s a small exception about last hands when playing Blackjack. Any of players can be short of time and they will try to catch up with their opponents. A good strategy for this situation is to double or split tens. Don’t be afraid to take risks because usually wins the one, who’s braver and more confident.


What is more, it’s never bad to analyze previous tournaments in order to know how to avoid new mistakes and perform more successfully. You can also choose tournaments with a fixed prize fund, but not a collected one. And, of course, the outcome of the game will depend on how skillful you are.


It’s quite interesting that many players restrict themselves at tournaments. They probably don’t know that it’s easier to be in the profit as players compete against each other, but not the casino dealer. That means that winning chances are higher and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to win a lot.

PKV Poker

Agen Bola – Pernyataan Presiden Barcelona PKV Poker Soal Antoine Griezmann Bikin Atletico Madrid Muak



Atletico Madrid bereaksi keras terhadap pernyataan presiden Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu soal saga transfer Antoine Griezmann. Menurut Atletico, sikap Barca telah merendahkan martabat mereka.


Sejak akhir musim 2018-19 kemarin, Griezmann sudah menyatakan bahwa dirinya akan hengkang dari Atletico Madrid pada musim panas ini. Barca pun disebut sebagai tujuan pemain asal Prancis tersebut.


Agen Bola – Pernyataan Presiden Barcelona Soal Antoine Griezmann Bikin Atletico Madrid Muak


Jumat (5/7), Bartomeu mengungkapkan bahwa pihaknya kini tengah mengusahakan kedatangan Griezmann dan baru saja bertemu para petinggi Atletico untuk mendiskusikan hal tersebut.


Menariknya, Bartomeu menyatakan bahwa pertemuan kemarin merupakan yang pertama kalinya. Hal ini tentu berbeda dengan rumor yang menyebut kesepakatan soal transfer Griezmann sudah tercapai sejak beberapa waktu lalu.


Rupanya, pernyataan inilah yang membuat PKV Poker Atletico marah besar. Kubu Los Colchoneros pun langsung merilis pernyataan sikap terhadap pernyataan Bartomeu lewat laman resmi mereka.


Atletico bersikeras bahwa Barca dan Griezmann sudah menjalin kesepakatan sejak Maret lalu. Atletico menuding Blaugrana telah melakukan pendekatan ilegal terhadap sang pemain.


Atletico menggarisbawahi fakta bahwa Griezmann sejatinya memiliki nilaui klausul rilis 200 juta euro yang kemudian turun menjadi 120 juta euro sejak 1 Juli kemarin.


“Pada 14 Mei, Antoine Griezmann memberitahu Miguel Angel Gil, Diego Simeone dan Andre Berta soal keputusannya untuk meninggalkan klub di akhir musim. Di hari-hari pertemuan itu, Atletico menyadari Barcelona dan sang pemain sudah mencapai kesepakatan pada Maret lalu, sesaat setelah leg kedua laga menghadapi Juventus di Liga Champions, dan mereka bahkan sudah bernegosiasi soal kontrak sejak pertengahan Februari,” tulis Atletico dalam pernyataan resminya.


“Sehubungan dengan deklarasi yang dikemukakan presiden Bartomeu hari ini, kami ingin memperjelas bahwa memang benar pertemuan diselenggarakan kemarin antara Miguel Angel Gil dan CEO Barcelona Oscar Grau atas permintaan Barcelona. Dalam pertemuan tersebut Mr Grau menyampaikan niatannya, begitu klausul pelepasan di dalam kontrak Antoine Griezmann dari €200 juta dimodifikasi menjadi €120 juta, meminta penundaan pembayaran jumlah di atas dalam satu klausul, yang valid mulai 1 Juli,”


“Tentu saja, jawaban Atletico negatif, memahami bahwa Barcelona dan sang pemain tidak menghormati klub Atletico Madrid dan seluruh fans mereka,”


Sebagai buntut dari masalah ini, Atletico pun meminta kepada Griezmann lewat saudara perempuan serta agen dan pengacaranya agar sang pemain datang ke markas klub pada Minggu (7/7) besok untuk menjalani latihan pramusim bersama rekan-rekannya.

Joka Casino




Le Baccarat est un jeu de cartes intriguant –même si vous ne pouvez pas compter les cartes ni tricher à proprement parler. Il s’agit d’un jeu de hasard. Son nom est dérivé du nom italien ‘baccara’ qui signifie “zero” et correspond à la valeur sur la face des cartes. La face des cartes est celle que montre les joueurs (elles sont aussi parfois appelées “cartes de cour”).


Ce jeu a été l’un des favoris de la cour du roi français Charles VIII au 15ème siècle. Aujourd’hui, le jeu est principalement joué par les gens les plus riches des casinos de Las Vegas et les côtes pour le joueur et pour le casino sont (exceptionnellement) à peu près égale. La version correcte du jeu se joue dans un espace VIP pour 14 joueurs seulement.


Pour tenter votre chance à ce jeu ou sur de nombreux autres, dirigez-vous vers le Golden Palace Jeu Poker où vous pourrez essayer ce jeu de hasard ancien.


Il s’agit essentiellement d’un jeu de devinettes. Les cartes ne sont pas distribuées par les dealers comme dans les autres jeux de cartes, mais passent autour d’une «chaussure» et les joueurs choisissent leurs cartes eux-mêmes. C’est un peu une façon bizarre de jouer, mais vous allez bientôt vous y habituer. Ce n’est pas le jeu le plus populaire des casinos, mais ceci est essentiellement du à sa faible médiatisation, probablement en raison de sa popularité auprès des «baleines» – les multimillionnaires les plus dépensiers des casinos.


Voici quelques conseils pour vous aider à augmenter vos chances de battre le casino ! L’autodiscipline est le nom de la partie. Décidez que vous ne quitterez pas la table en dessous d’un certain montant, et si vous subissez Joka Casino une série de déconvenues et que votre solde commence à descendre, jeter l’éponge. D’autre part, si vous parvenez à gagner un montant, garder votre mise de départ, lorsque vous vous êtes assis à la table et jouer seulement avec vos gains – ou la moitié de vos gains si vous avez une volonté d’acier. Cette attitude va protéger votre argent. Définir une limite de perte. Et respectez-la!