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2008 Poker Stars APPT Syndey Begins Play Generasitogel This Week.


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The 2008 PokerStars APPT Syndey has gotten underway over at Star City in Australia.  The Main Event will feature well over the 561 players that showed up for last year’s Main Event, and with 4 days of intense poker ahead of this year’s field, it will undoubtedly have its fair share of action and intensity.  Add to the fact that each of the players will start with $20k in chips, this tournament should see a ton of clay being passed around on the green felt – and that’s just after the first day.


Tons of Team PokerStars members will be partaking in this year’s APPT, including Australia’s native son and WSOP Main Event champ Joe Hachem, Vanessa Rousso, and Chad Brown.  Many internet qualifiers and recent EPT champions will also be gracing the seats, along with a fair amount of local pros.  Festivities were already underway last week with several smaller tournaments coming to fruition; all of which have led up to the championship that is now being played as we speak.


We’ll keep you all posted here at PokerNewsGuru of the final results of this star-studded tournament.


Double Or Nothing SNG’s Prove To Be A PokerStars Hit!


PokerStars recent introduction of ‘Double or Nothing’ Sit N Go tournaments, in which half of the 10-player fields double their buy-in, has proven to be surprisingly popular choice.


With games starting several times each minute, and a wide range of buy-in levels to choose from – Double or Nothing SNGs are attracting a wide audience ranging from recreational players through to online ‘pro grinders’.


Buy-in levels start at just $1 and move through $5, $10 and $20 to the higher stakes $50 and $100 games. Two speeds are available, the ‘Turbo’ versions having 5 minute blind levels compared to the 10 minute levels in the standard games. The turbo games have a smaller fee and last an average of 25 minutes compared to 40 minutes for the non-turbo versions.


Sit and Go Strategy for these Generasitogel games revolves around the ‘bubble’ when there are 6 players remaining with 5 getting paid. Since chip-stacks are small compared to the blinds at this point, good players must determine whether they can profitably push all-in or call opponents ‘pushes’ with their hands. One or more ‘short-stacks’ at the table will usually result in very tight play, since as soon as they bust all of the remaining players are awarded the prize.


Check out this PokerStars Review today, and you can find out for yourself just what makes this the world’s most popular online poker site while profiting from the Double or Nothing SNGs. Use Bonus Code FIRST2008 to claim your 100% to $50 bonus.



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